I hate that I have to keep coming up with "titles" for this crap


Sometimes, I run out of creative ways to entertain the baby.

The other day, I was putting on a spectacular puppet show with Mr. Dog, our only puppet, when I noticed that Owen was staring over my shoulder. He's into anything shiny, and a crucifix (it's actually a risen Christ crucifix, or resurecifix) was reflecting light from the window. I took it off the wall so he could see it closer. I still had the dog puppet on my one hand, and so I...I hate to admit this...I went on to stage the Mr. Dog and Jesus Christ puppet show. Nothing blasphemous was said really, just Mr. Dog talking smack about the disciples ("too bad about that Judas") and so on.

Went to Ann Arbor yesterday. It was sooo depressing to look at State street now. It's just one big Starbucks, Einstein Bros., Noodles & Co., etc. Actually, that was my impression of the rest of Ann Arbor too. I didn't actually get up to Main, that still looked ok as I drove past. Why is America turning into one giant identical strip mall after another? Depressing.

I'm making french bread today. When I was a nanny, I'd make it at least once a week but its been a while. Owen has a tiny piece of dried dough stuck on the handle of his pacifier now. Must remember to clean that as soon as he wakes up. Leo objected to my fixing Indonesian food tonight, so I think we'll have some New Orleans barbeque shrimp and maybe some garlicky green beans with our bread.

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