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I think I might have mentioned that a different sort of person is out and about during the day while the rest of you are at work. Then it might not surprise you that an older lady brought her cat to the grocery store this morning and introduced me to it. Fluffy. I swear I am not making this up. She clearly wanted to chat with me for a while, but Owen looked like he had about four more minutes of patience for the grocery store and I was only half done. So I gave Fluffy the brush off in the nicest way I could. And I didn't even roll my eyes until I got to the next aisle.

I had about the lamest weekend ever. I think the highlight was when I put a crick in my neck while making a rosary for my mom (its a Mother's Day present...shhh). Yeah. I forced Leo, under threat of bodily harm (I still have quite a weight advantage on him) to take me out somewhere, anywhere Saturday evening. So we went to Royal Oak, got a (decaf) coffee and walked around. Leo and Owen had spent the day sleeping on the sofa, I spent the day making the aforementioned rosary.

On Sunday, Leo golfed with his dad and I cleaned out his closet and ironed. We had a great dinner with his parents. Unfortunately, Owen decided that even though he had eaten right before we lef, he was hungry again. And I have never nursed in front of my father in law (he's the only person that I'm nervous about it with, I even nursed in front of my dad without a second thought) so I exiled myself to the basement of the restaurant. I did get to hear the managers arguing, as they're offices are also down there. The building also happens to be the place where Jimmy Hoffa was last seen. I did not run into him in the basement, though. Just me, my boobs, and the baby.

And speaking of the baby....

The chicken diaper is on its last settings. I'll miss you, chicken diaper!

This is Owen's favorite "toy", his Boston College mobile (it plays the fight song too). He would be perfectly happy to gaze lovingly at it all day.

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