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Dear World,

I have something to tell you. You probably won't believe me, but that's ok. It has to be said. Here goes: my baby will not die of exposure if taken outside without a hat on. Its true. I have two main reasons for thinking this way. 1. it's not that cold out and 2. ear infections aren't actually caused by having uncovered ears.

It was 60 yesterday when I took Owen to the post office. I realize there are parts of the country where 60 might be considered cold. But this is Michigan. I was wearing short sleeves and a skirt and no jacket. Owen was wearing long sleeves (and pants, not a skirt) and had a blanket on him. He was sufficiently warm. There was really no need to stop me and lecture me on on the dangers of not having a hat on him. You see, ear infections, which you stated where your main concern, are actually caused by bacteria, not hatlessness. I don't want to completely befuddle you but colds are caused by viruses and not the weather. So there.

Instead of picking on me every time I leave the house (and by the way, when IS it warm enough for a hatless baby? Ever?), why don't you take on some other problem like childhood obesity or something. It will keep you sufficiently occupied and it might actually do someone some good.

While I have you here, I'd also like to explain that it is called a "sling" and babies actually like being in it. Yes, they can breathe just fine. I mean, you can see his head, can you not? Its not like there is some invisible barrier keeping air away from him while he is in there. And, no, its not too tight. You see, infants like to be swaddled. Makes them feel safe. And if you think this is tight, you should have seen how he was in utero!

I know your motives are good. I appreciate your concern, really I do. But everything here is just fine, you have nothing to worry about.

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