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The Main Art does have a website, thoughtfully forwarded to me by my loving husband. So I hurried Owen out the door yesterday morning, eager to 1) go outside the confines of my house and 2) see other moms and babies. Oh, and a little 3) see a movie.

As is my usual m.o., I got there terribly early. I figured I might have trouble parking (I guess that isn't an issue on Tuesday mornings) and I might need extra time to get settled what with a baby and all. So we sat down in an empty theater. And waited. For 15 minutes. For the movie to start. No one else came in. No one. It was a really odd feeling to be alone in a movie theater. On top of it all, I was breastfeeding most of the time. Reminded me of high school, having my breasts exposed in a movie theater (kidding)(kind of).

The movie we saw was called Schultze Gets the Blues. Judging from the promo images, I thought it would be a madcap farce crossed with a screwball comedy (with maybe just a touch of whimsical romp thrown in for good measure). Instead, it was more of a remake of the Adventures of Milo and Otis, if Milo and Otis were one fat German salt miner and accordion player with lung cancer and their adventure involved stealing a tug boat and navigating said boat to Louisiana to live his dream of hearing live zydeco music. It was long and a little slow, but it sure beat watching the Jane Pauly show. I'd give it a 7.

I was oh so excited about owning a pair pf pants that fit with a waistband. And then I washed them with a little red baby outfit and now they have red spots all over them. So I bought a pair of jeans (again, size humongous) this weekend. It seems that the only jeans sold nowadays are low rise. I looked around (but only at one store, because the baby can go off screaming at any time, like a bomb) and my only choices were low rise. I tried some on and they fit. While I was standing perfectly still in the dressing room. So I bought them. Within 2 minutes of walking around with them on at home (after I had removed the tags, of course) they were around my knees.

Is it just me? Schwest says she has found the same thing, so maybe not. How can something designed to fit around the largest part of your body stay up? I mean, that's just simple common sense. I never plan on wearing anything that exposes my stomach (ever again) and, anyway anyone wearing jeans of that large a size shouldn't entertain such thoughts either so what does it matter if they actually come up to my waist? What is worse - having jeans that come up to my belly button or looking like an 18 year old Burger King employee with my pants around my knees?

So that's how I came to walking around yesterday with a bathrobe tie around my waist. All of my belts are too small. But I needed something to hold my pants up. Bathrobe tie it was.

Owen and I have a sushi date today with grandma. I had sushi for dinner on the day he was born, but not the raw fish kind (because of the food poisoning, I didn't want to push it). I am so looking forward to tuna rolls.

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