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Owen took the bottle like a champ, and then went back to breast feeding just fine. Well, half the bottle ended up on his clothes, but I can't blame him. So it went well. Pumping was another story.

Breastfeeding, at least at first, can be messy (leaky). So it just kills me that the same substance I end up inadvertently spraying everywhere will just not get sucked into the collection bottle like it is supposed to. I pumped for almost 2 hours on Friday and Saturday and ended up with a measly 2 ounces and incredibly swollen boobs. And they hurt like hell. My mom came over to watch butterbean while Leo and I went to Target (and I can't tell you how great it was to get out of the house). We were gone for two hours and the babe never woke up. So the bottle wasn't even needed. Leo gave it to him at the next feeding, as I was not about to waste that precious pumped milk.

I have read that the more you pump, the easier it will be. So I guess I should dust my boobs off and put them back on the horse. Or something.

My employer is withholding my 2004 bonus until I come back fro maternity leave. Bastards.

I was planning on attending the special moms and babies matinee at the local cineplex, but the movie this week is Ice Princess. And, desperate as I am to leave the house, well I'm not THAT desperate. I've heard that the Main Art does the same thing, but they are apparently too arty to have a website, so I'll never know. What else can I do to leave the house? I have grocery shopped for the week already (I made up a super low cost weekly menu and ended up spending nearly $150 at the store. WTF?). It's too cold to go outside for long. And I don't know anyone else with kids (really, you people need to start procreating!). If there was a Wal-Mart near me, I'd probably become one of those people who goes there to socialize. Maybe I can start attending the McDonalds 7am coffee hour.

We're moving on from the kitchen remodel project to redoing the floors. So we'll magically move every piece of furniture in the living room/dining room elsewhere. You know, because we have room to move it. Really I'm only concerned about the sofa and the gigantic hutch thingy. The rest will end up...someplace. It is currently estimated that the project will take a couple of days. So I know that it will drag out into several weeks. And our house will be so jacked up I won't be able to move around. And we're having half of creation over for the baptism party and it still won't be done. I'm just telling it like I see it. But it will be nice when its done. By the time it is done it will have to be golf season all ready so Leo should loose all interest in home improvement. I hope.

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