being up all night is not as much fun as it used to be


Owen went through 5 outfits yesterday. The first (his only green number, in honor of St. Patrick's Day) got peed on during a diaper change. The next fell victim to an explosive diaper that leaked. The next got peed on when his diaper inexplicably opened. Then he spit up a bunch on the next one, and finished the day where he started, peeing on the last during a diaper change. Remember when I said he had too many clothes? What the hell did I know!?!?

He was also up all night. I had just changed him when the diaper opening event occurred, so that kept him up for a while while I figured out what was going on. And then, well, he was just awake. Not crying (unless I put him down and turned off the light), just awake. So I was awake. All night. Now, of course, he is sleeping peacefully.

I've been reading a lot of baby books lately (and if you too have been reading baby books, you will find this link hilarious) and they all pretty much say that you shouldn't introduce a bottle before 3 weeks of age in case the baby develops nipple confusion, but you also shouldn't introduce it after 3 weeks in case the baby won't take it. So I guess at 9:56 am on Tuesday, I will introduce the bottle. Or maybe this weekend, in the hopes that Owen will forgive me a day or two. Introducing a bottle means pumping and I have to admit that I'm a little afraid of turning the girls over to an electric machine. But the freedom - the sweet delicious freedom - I will gain by not having to be with the baby 24/7...

My one pair of non-maternity pants that fit got bled on by a red baby outfit in the washer yesterday. So there goes the ability to wear pants with a waistband. I did try on a pair of fat jeans yesterday and I can button them, but they look pretty horrid on me still. I know that I am getting smaller (I'm ashamed to admit that I try on normal pants almost every day) but the scale hasn't budged for a few days. Hmph. They say "nine months up, nine months down". So I should obviously be wearing my old clothes after two weeks, right?

Oh, there is cheery news: my wedding rings fit on my finger! No more playing the unwed mother for me. I am a little afraid that they might scratch the baby, though. So I don't think I'll wear them around the house. And we cut off Owen's tail last night (the kind made by hair, not the animal kind). I was getting a little afraid that someone might mistake him for a ferris wheel operator.

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