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We were out yesterday and we wanted to go to Wal-Mart (which is far from our house, Leo is kind of obsessed with it, don't ask). Anyhow, we stopped by his parents' house first and he got into a basketball game, so we were out much longer than anticipated. Then we got stuck in a broken car wash... Owen went something like 4.5 hours without food. But he was actually pretty good about it. He ate for and hour and a half when we got home. And now my body thinks I need a milk supply to sustain feedings of that length. Ugh. My boobs could, quite literally, explode at any minute.

I had wondered what I was going to talk about with my dad when I was off work. Before Owen, we had weekly conversations about computers. It makes him happy, so whatever, I can discuss computers for 20 minutes a week. Yesterday, I actually discussed NCAA basketball for about 10 minutes. I wouldn't have thought I even knew 10 minutes of conversation about basketball. Leo had been watching the selection show, so I got to parrot back some stuff. Thank God for TV.

Leo drove all the way to Chicago and back on Saturday, just to get the last cabinet for our kitchen. He got all the way there and it was broken! I would have gone ballistic on their Swedish asses, but he took it quite well.

We have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks and I wanted to buy something cute and dressier than normal for Owen to wear. His cousin Fiona, who is 4 months old, has a cute dress to wear. Well, I guess they don't make formal wear for newborn boys. There was nothing. I'd even go for a sleeper without trucks or dogs or sports on it. But noo. His Grandma bought him the world's tiniest cashmere sweater, maybe I could pair that with something. You know, like a pair of black pants (which do not exist for newborns). And a collared shirt (which, again, has never been manufactured for newborns). Why can't I just play dress up with my offspring? Isn't that what new parents do? I can't have the family photos showing Fiona in a nice dress and my kid in doggy pajamas.

Owen had something like his first bath yesterday n(he lost his umbilical stump on Saturday and now he has a very cute belly button). I don't know if it really counted as a bath, because it involved about 2 cups of warm water and no soap. Either way, he hated it. He screamed like we were torturing him. Wetting his head did make his hair all fluffy though.

The cloth diapers I had been so jazzed about still don't fit. They are huge on him, even though I got the smallest sizes. So we bought yet another pack of disposable diapers yesterday. I'll probably be hooked by the time he fits into cloth. Irritating. Oh, and you wouldn't believe how many cans of formula I've received in the mail (ok, the number is 7. Doesn't that seem excessive?). I've gotten them addressed to both my married and maiden names. How do they know I've had a baby? And is formula the most aggressively marketed substance on earth? The first can is free, then you are hooked for life!

We go back to the pediatrician this afternoon for a weigh in. Its so nice to have someone other than myself weighed. I have lost a whopping 30 pounds already. But there is plenty more weight were that came from. I actually bought a pair of pants with a waistband on Saturday. It was so weird to have to actually undo them to get them off. I've been wearing elastic waist maternity pants for so long now.

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