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I got my revised ticket on Friday. Instead of the original turning on red charge, I am now being charged with "unnecessary noise". At first, I got a kick out of the thought that my husband may have had something to do with suggesting this alternate charge. He often remarks that my "incessant babble" is nothing more than unnecessary noise. Hmm, maybe there IS a downside to having your husband represent you.

Then I kind of got a kick about how dangerous "unnecessary noise" sounds. I could have been cruising around, speakers blaring. Or maybe I had some sort of house party. Or maybe I was squealing my tires while drag racing. You just never know with me (that's why I now have a record).

So, who wants to hear about my innards? Well, I had something going on yesterday. It had at least a little to do with me eating half a can of smoked almonds on Saturday (eew) and a whole lot to do with an 8 lb. baby fidgeting about on my intestines. In an attempt to get the contractions going, we went to Somerset and walked around. They never got closer together than 20 minutes and they petered out after we stopped walking. Still not a peep out of my uterus this morning. If this drags on much longer, I think Leo might have to be institutionalized. I've never seen him so on edge with excitement.

While my uterus pussyfoots around the task at hand, Owen is just getting bigger and bigger. I got him all hopped up on sweettarts last night. We ate at Leo's parents' house and they always have bowls of candy laying about. I didn't grow up in a candy bowl-type household, plus I have no self control whatsoever, so I always end up eating handfuls. That got the baby going on one hell of a sugar high. I took the opportunity to tell him about all of the extra space he'd have to writhe about, if he would just get born already. He remained unconvinced.

I hit a record 5 trips to the bathroom last night. I think that means I might actually get more sleep once I have the baby, as even newborns don't get up every hour and 15 minutes.

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