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Had something of a kitchen fire last night.

I'm only mentioning it to explain why, next time you see me, I will have black splotches on my cheeks. There is soot everywhere. Sure, we cleaned. Sure, I showered (the shampoo suds were black). But the soot is still everywhere. I imagine it might take a week or so to get it all out. Every time I think I'm free of it, I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and find more. I look like a coal miner.

No one was hurt, nothing is permanently damaged. And it all gave me a very healthy dose of perspective. Stupidest thing is that we had pizza from Hungry Howies for dinner last night. So the fire wasn't even caused by cooking (tea preparation). There were some rather dramatic 4 foot flames coming out of the stove at one point. And now the entire top floor is covered with a thin veil of soot (which really highlights the cobwebs). At least I won't get bored over the weekend, there's tons of stuff to clean.

It's my LAST DAY of WORK. The department is taking me out to lunch. The VP came by my desk this morning and told me all about how his wife took 12 weeks of leave and then didn't come back. Hope he didn't mean that as a suggestion. Doesn't really matter, as I doubt I'm coming back anyhow. My sister-in-law works some place that requires her to pay her leave back if she doesn't return. I never directly asked my HR department, but I am near positive that isn't the case here. That would really suck if it was, as I doubt I could come up with 12 weeks pay on short notice.

Tonight we're taking my mom to the church Fri. Fish Fry. This will be my very first Fri. Fish Fry ever. You would think that it would be a required social experience for conversion. But it wasn't. I don't know if my mom has ever been to one either, but it was her suggestion. I hope that some of the crazier Parish Council members are there so I can point them out to mom. I found out on Monday that Angry Popeye is single. I don't think I'd want him as my new daddy, but maybe mom will like him.

What will I watch now that Project Runway is over? And is there something wrong with me that I like Wendy Pepper's stuff? Jay (whom I also like quite a bit) said that her stuff was an older woman's interpretation of what young people want to wear. That made me feel really old, until I realized that I'm only 4 years older than Jay (but I have always been rather frumpy). I did not like the overly butch suit that she was wearing (What was that? Was she trying to look like Paula Poundstone?) but I thought her designs were good. And why was Kara Saun not penalized for having not one but TWO dresses that the models had to bunch up at the thighs to walk in? All in all, I am glad that Jay won. He really reminded me of someone I would have been friends with in college. And I'm glad that Wendy Pepper is going to open her own shop.

I was given all sorts of inspirational stories online from women who went into labor shortly after being told that they weren't the slightest bit dilated. Leo thought that the kitchen fire might actually do it, I'm quite happy to say it didn't (because then Owen would be walking around all sooty too). So, if I had to schedule (listen up, uterus) I'd like to go into labor on Wednesday. Preferably in the morning, after a full night's sleep (ha! I haven't had one of those in months). That gives me four days to clean and organize (and maybe see The Rock's new movie. When does that come out? I do so love The Rock).

I just noticed that there is now soot on my desk. And on my glasses (which I wasn't even wearing during all the drama). Soot is worse than cat hair (which is also impossible to get rid of).

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