Parliament: more entertaining than wrestling


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It occurred to me last night that waiting for labor must be nearly as nerve racking as waiting to use a home pregnancy test. Since I've never had that experience (the waiting part, not the using part - I am fairly certain I'm pregnant) I'm not quite sure. It would be kind of nice if I could go into labor with the same naive bliss that started the whole process. If that were the case, I'd spend the whole first stage in total and complete shock (in a freaky modern east German hotel room, repeatedly saying "Really? Nooo"). Heck, Leo wouldn't even know we'd had a child until he was 5 days old. So maybe that part wouldn't work. But I'm not good at feeling like a time bomb. And, realistically, I probably have another good three weeks of this so I should really just relax about it.

I don't believe the kid has dropped yet. I've never felt like I couldn't breath or I had no room for my stomach (how I wish). I also don't feel like I need to pee every 5 minutes (maybe every 15). I can't feel his head and I really can't imagine that he could get much lower, so ...? Not that I could take any comfort from it if I knew. I think all the signs of labor can come up to weeks before the event (well, except for having your water break).

Leo bought me a lovely box of Belgian chocolates last night. I tried to make him a low fat chocolate mousse, but it tasted like a cross between Nestle Quick and pudding. That's what he gets for liking things low fat. And - hey - I have no kitchen. Which is why I served a romantic meal o' manwhich last night. Which we followed up by watching Prime Minister's questions. Sooo romantic. And, it occurred to me, that we probably are more up on British politics than most Brits. If only Congress was half as entertaining as Parliament. But Americans could never make the walrus-like noise of disgust like the British. I do think I might start referring to people as the "right honourable" gentleman or woman. Parliament is better than WWF.

Breastfeeding class tonight. Hope I learn something, otherwise it will be a complete waste of time. And its in Novi, so I'll have to drive from one overcrowded northern suburb to another. I bet this will involve at least an hour in my car. Stupid northern suburbs.

The only lady "ahead" of me in the online March moms club that I belong to is in labor. OK, she's had other kids. But still.

Last thing - could this bra be any more uncomfortable? Just wondering.

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