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My office moved to Troy on Friday. I still don't have a phone. I actually had to call Leo this morning and ask him how to get to my office. My new cube has a gigantic support pole in it (funny, that wasn't on the map I saw) and a large palm tree. And no file cabinets. I feel like I should be drinking a daiquiri, underneath the palm tree.

The last move I participated in was coordinated by me. Needless to say, it went far smoother than this one. I set different groups up in different "waves", modeled after the D-Day invasion (which amused me to no end). If this move was modeled after any invasion (and I don't think it was) I'd say maybe the Italian invasion of Ethiopia.

I got some DAMN GOOD news this weekend: Jeremy got the job in Michigan! So he and Schwest are moving back! And Schwest will be local and unemployed while I am on maternity leave. I can't imagine anything better that. Except for maybe if Shannon moved back here too and all the immigration stuff went through and they got married soon, but not so soon that I wouldn't have time to loose all the baby weight. And maybe Leo and I could win the lottery too. Still, its some damn good news.

Saturday was supposed to be our "last date" (before the baby). We had planned on going to Cuisine, but cancelled it in favor of attending our parish's appreciation dinner. The dinner was nice, and I very much enjoyed being appreciated. But the menu...had some issues. They served Sausage with Sauerkraut, Roast Beef, Chicken, and Meat Stuffed Cabbage. The sides were Mashed Potatoes and Corn (a strange, brownish type of corn). And there was also Iceberg Lettuce Salad. So, that's 4 meats, 2 starches and iceberg lettuce. That seems to be both a little pricey for a poor church and a tad meat-heavy (and bizarrely Polish for a largely black, Nigerian and Asian parish). Sure, there were tons of old white people there, but I don't think that they are Polish.

On Sunday we went to the Murano glass exhibit at the DIA. I had big expectations for the exhibit and I was disappointed. The neat thing about Murano glass is how its made, how they take all those glass rods and fuse them together. The exhibit barely touched on that. Instead there were a bunch of finished pieces there (which were nice) and some movies about the collectors (which were boring). Many of the galleries were closed for remodeling, which was fine as there was no admission. It was nice to see the reduced collection "remix", where things were grouped by subject, not period. I really enjoyed that. But skip the glass exhibit, it was boring.

We drove around afterwards, looking for lunch. Every place we thought of was closed (either for the day or permanently). We ended up driving around Southwest Detroit and ate at some place called Mr. Pueblo on Lonyo (I think it was on Lonyo - I wasn't driving so I'm not positive). It was a fairly nice (read: not sketchy) restaurant set amidst rail containers and convenient to Zug Island. Not my usual dining spot. We were about the only non-Mexicans there (the waitress greeted us in Spanish). Basically, the restaurant kicked ass. Serious Mexicano ass. I had a chile, rellano'd with meat and Leo had some tacos. And it was damn tasty. I can't find any reference to the place online, and I doubt I'll ever be in the neighborhood again, but I'd love another meal there (plus it was so cheap).

We ran into a bit of a leveling snag as far as the granite countertops for the kitchen go. So we still have no ETA for the sink. But I'm so not going to stress about it.

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