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On Friday, someone mentioned that the guy who used to sit in the cube across the aisle from me quit two months ago. Scary thing is that I have no recollection of there ever being a person there. I've been trying hard to remember him all weekend and still I get...nothing.

I've had some wild and crazy nights home, in bed, asleep. On Saturday night, I had a dream that Leo and I were sitting in our yard at twilight. An animal approached us, on my side, so I started waving my hands to scare it away. We thought it was a raccoon. Instead, it turned out to be a bobcat. The bobcat was not scared, but did decided to bite off my middle finger. It didn't hurt, really, but I was really pissed that I'd have to go the rest of my life without a middle finger on my left hand. I have no idea what that dream means.

This morning, as I was hovering between sleep and reality, I swear I felt a big bony baby head moving around by my ribs. I knew it wasn't a butt, because it was too round and bony. I've been feeling about my innards all morning now, trying to figure out where everything is at and I can't tell. Did I dream the head thing? It seemed so real.

Leo went back to work today. In his two weeks off, he has redone the kitchen (new cabinets, new lights, painted the walls), painted the hallway, switched the living room and dining room, installed a new light fixture in the new living room, put new ceiling tiles in downstairs and painted a bathroom. There's probably more, but those are the highlights. Unfortunately, my house still looks like Home Depot exploded into it. And the countertops in the kitchen (and the sink, garbage disposal AND dishwasher) won't be done for three more weeks (I'm betting we have them installed as I'm going into labor).

Did anyone else stumble upon the Puppy Bowl last night? Weirdest television EVER. It was nothing more than a very cheap-looking faux football field with a bunch of puppies in it. I'd estimate the production costs at around $17. Leo was just fascinated by it. There was no "host", only electronic elevator music and puppies. Weird. We also watched quite of bit of another one of our faves last night, Albanian TV. Normal people were watching the Super Bowl, but we alternated between puppies and Albanian music videos. In case you're interested, there's going to be a big Albanian concert on 12 Shkurt 2005 in Royal Oak. If only we knew what "Shkurt" means.

I'm going on a tour of the new Dearborn mosque tonight. Very exciting, I even cancelled my chiropractor appointment for it. I wish I could remember what its called exactly, I'm thinking its "The Islamic Center of America" but maybe I think that because that's what every mosque in Dearborn is called.

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