I've been craving foods from the Dearborn Public Schools (bet you didn't see THAT coming). Like the peanut butter balls...I'm sure they were about 10,000 calories a piece, nothing but trans fat dipped trans fat, but BOY HOWDY they were good. For some reason, I felt I needed to share this with Sarah yesterday and she reminded me of the cheese bread. Cheese bread used to be a meal unto itself (back in the days when I would consume only junk food)...(who am I kidding, those days never really left). When I was a nanny, I actually spent a couple of days trying to recreate the cheese bread. I came close, but mine never had that fluffy, wonder bread quality that DHS' did.

On non-cheese bread days, I would often consume a bag of Krunchers original, a brownie and a Hi-C juice box (and I did this for three years! How did I not die of scurvy?). I would tear off a piece of brownie, mash it on a chip, consume, and wash it all down with fruit punch. I'm actually making myself a little queasy recollecting all this. I can't recall having any guilt about my diet either. If I consumed that for even one meal now (even when I wasn't pregnant) I would feel guilt over it for days. Not from a calorie standpoint, just over the whole lack of nutritional responsibility and shear gluttony of it all.

Speaking of calories, I haven't gained weight in almost two weeks. Don't go getting all freaked out about the baby, he is indeed gaining weight (at least according to the midwife). That means that I must be LOOSING weight (which probably isn't fat, just excess fluid). Thank goodness for that. If I was to continue on that same weight gaining trajectory, I would have topped a ton by March. I still have no idea where I stand as far as weight gain goes, I hope I still have a lot of liquid weight in me. Otherwise, I either gained 40 pounds (yuck) or the baby weighs the same as an 8 year old (I don't even want to think about it).

Leo's birthday is Monday. So my mom is taking us to brunch at the Ritz on Sunday. We did this last year. And last year, Leo consumed so much food that I think they had to shut down the restaurant for the rest of the day from lack of ingredients. They had crab claws on the buffet, each one was perched on the edge of a shot glass filled with sauce. I believe the intention was for diners to take one or two. Instead, Leo took the entire serving tray back to our table and ate every last one. It was...impressive. We scheduled the meal so that it will be our only meal that day. If you were planning on eating at the Ritz on Sunday, make other plans! Because there won't be anything left when we get done with it.

One more week until Owen is fully baked and cleared for lift off (to mix a metaphor or two)!!!

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