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I guess I should feel a little guilty about complaining about being pregnant. First there's all those people who can't get pregnant, who pay thousands of dollars just to be in my overstretched shoes. Then there are the vast majority of pregnant ladies who have a far rougher time than I do. I mean, I've had no morning sickness whatsoever, no fatigue, and I still only have to get up to pee once per night (if chat boards are allowed to be believed, 3 or 4 times per night is common). So really things are going along far better than can be expected. I just need to keep reminding myself of that, espescially on days like today.

I can't concentrate on anything. Which is too bad, as I spent four hours this morning in a rather heated meeting. As I have said before, I am done with being pregnant. I think I said that in an email to Kevin; he pointed out that, at least according to his training, pregnancy is not actually over until birth. Well, then, Birth - I say to you "come on down"! I am ready. Which is a pretty cruddy thing to say at only 35.5 weeks, especially when things have been going so well.

Speaking of things I am over...the kitchen won't be finished for another three weeks! The cabinets are all in, and they are beauteous. But the granite counter tops won't be installed for three weeks. So that means three more weeks without a kitchen sink, garbage disposal or - the horror - a dishwasher. This may be a greater hardship than I can endure. Three more weeks of takeout and I might really be the size of a whale.


Have you tried Take 5 bars? They had them in the vending machine at work for like a day, and now I can't find them. I think the snack people are messing with me. Pretzels + peanut butter + chocolate = happiness.

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