watch me say "gigantic" 37 times!


Yesterday, my alarm clock was set between radio stations, so I woke up 12 minutes before having to leave the house. I didn't have time to shower until lunch (I went to my mom's house) and I felt gross all day. I ended up blowing off the Parish Council meeting (I know, I know) and going to bed at 8.

But not before I went to Target. In fact, I left work early just for that reason (I have PRIORITIES). My feet have ballooned up so I had to buy some gigantic shoes (size 8.5!) and I really needed so extra-gargantuan clothes. All of Target's shoes (because I'm certainly not buying "real" shoes for just the next month) were super low-rise. That's just swell for the summer, but we have at least 2 feet of snow on the ground. But, as that's all they had, I caved. So I am the proud new owner of a pair of Little Orphan Annie on the Kibbutz super low rise $5 Mary Janes in size Gigantic.

I also picked up a pair of non-maternity plus sized pants on clearance. I am so happy to report that they are too big! So that means that, no matter how huge I feel, I am still too thin for plus sizes. Seriously, I could cry for joy.

This really qualifies as too much info, but I picked up some underwear too. Just in case anyone reading this ever gets knocked up, let me tell you a secret: maternity underwear is overpriced and completely unnecessary! Target wanted $12 for 2 pairs of gigantic (and I really do mean gigantic - it goes over the belly) white polyester spanky-pants. Or you can buy a 6-pack of XL cotton print Fruit of the Looms for $6 (you just need to make sure to buy a low-rise style). I did fall for the polyester maternity underwear scam once, so I know what I'm missing. I just don't see the point in it.

Its a good thing that Leo is completely off line for a while, his head might explode if he knew I was discussing my underwear choices online. He is also blissfully unaware that I put a picture of him wearing a bib up yesterday.

Speaking of Leo being temporarily unemployed...let me tell you how WONDERFUL that is. Seriously. When I came home last night, he was switching out the bling-bling brass heat vent covers in our house for some lovely and understated wood ones. He also replaced the towel bar in the downstairs bathroom, assembled the crib and he's replacing the ceiling tiles down stairs today. He also bought me a surprise - a back massager! And then he used it on my back for at least half an hour. He's really getting good at the whole "husband" thing. I might have to keep him.

Since I've already discussed my underwear, let me tell you about Owen's! After much research, I have committed to my very first diaper stash. I have ordered 6 Wonderoos all-in-ones (in various colors, naturelment), 3 Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers (in periwinkle, baby blue and army case Owen needs to go hunting in hot weather) and 2 hemp fitteds with a "babies in space" print cover. He will be the envy of the sandbox. I even picked up a diaper pail and liner.

So...I think I'm ready. I have tons and tons of stuff (and I can't even operate half of it). I still need a diaper bag, nursery monitor, oh and I guess the crib should have a matterss...but I'm pretty much ready. Bring on the baby.

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