photographic evidence that pregnant women should not wear stripes


Well, the weather did not cooperate in the planning of my baby shower. Instead, it snowed so hard, I couldn't see the foot of my driveway. As I have mentioned before, I spent a ridiculous amount of time making desserts...BTW, here's the charlotte:

So it literally would have killed me to reschedule it for another weekend. Instead, we pushed it back to Saturday evening and invited guys in order to ensure all of the food was consumed. The food, btw, rocked. Schwest chose a theme of "international dumplings". My favorite were the blue cheese, wlanut and celery emenadas. The Iraqi kibbee haleb and the pea-free samosas were awfully good too. It was still a decent turnout, even though the roads were crap. And having guys there leant an, um, unusual aspect.

For example, we found out that Leo has the same sized neck as a newborn.


Disturbing. Also, Leo looks especially insane in that picture.

And now I know better than to wear stripes while I am this gigantic:

Notice how everyone else in the shot is thinking "what the hell is up with that cake???" Or maybe I am so huge that they couldn't focus on me for long without feeling dizzy. 

Oh, and here is my Kelly Osborne impression:

To all of the folks that gave me the speech about how I only look pregnant in the stomach.....BULLSHIT I say to you. Look at those jowls! Please, people. It looks like twins could fly out of my nostrils at any moment. The minute I give birth, I am planning liposuction to transfer fat from my cheeks to Leo's neck.

I still managed to clean up, even though 75% of the invitees couldn't make it.  Mrs. W actually KNIT A BLANKET for Owen.  I am so impressed.  And I loved opening the breast pump in front of the guys.  Oh, and Dante/Davidde/Ciara's mom brought a guest (a date?) that trained at Le Cordon Bleu and he said my charlotte was quite good, so that made my year. 

In other, far less obese news, my niece was baptized on Sunday. And my mother-in-law served the most amazing Lebanese spread ever consumed. I had about 15 helpings of everything (again, I refer you to the photo above). One of the people at the party is a seatbelt and child seat engineer for one of the big three and she installed our car seat for us. She's even certified by the government as a car seat installer, so that was good. Where else but Detroit can you run into people with those credentials?

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