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Did you ever have a day when you just wanted to punch everyone in the face? No? Well, tell you what, I think I might be having yours for you.

Nothing bad has happened. I have no excuse for my bad mood. I am just so TIRED. And CRABBY. And SICK OF BEING PREGNANT.

Its not just that nothing bad has happened, lots of good things have happened (so I really have no excuse). Leo accepted an offer at another firm. So the job situation is all set. And we got a new front door yesterday. Let me tell you, in case you ever need a new front door, be sure to choose a day with a high of 12 degrees to have a 10 x 10 hole in your house. Otherwise you will miss out on all of the freeze-your-ass-off fun.

Last week was nuts. All of the auditors globally were in town. So we worked 10 hour days and then had to go out afterwards. One day, we went to a Piston's game. I'd never seen a basketball game before. I nearly fell asleep the first half. Then we walked up the 528 steps at halftime to get some water ($4). They would not give me a cap for the bottle for "security reasons". Never mind the 5,000 drunken beer swillers around. Watch out for the very, very pregnant woman drinking water! Because she might fashion some sort of weapon of mass destruction with the bottle cap. Was there even a water bottle cap involved in the brawl? Anyway, the incident pissed me off enough that I stayed awake the rest of the game, mentally composing my letter of complaint to the Palace.

My office is indeed moving to Troy. That means that approximately 37% of the rest of my life will be spent on I-75 (probably on the Big Beaver entrance/exit ramps). Oh crap, that just made me realize that my business cards will say "Big Beaver" on them. That's a good enough reason to not come back from maternity leave, right? Stupid Troy.

I didn't pack a lunch today and the cafeteria is serving country fried steak (barf) or sloppy joe (vomit). Maybe I should go home sick.

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