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Would someone please explain to me how it is that my engagement ring fits just fine but my wedding ring won't go over my knuckle? Are they not the same size and the same metal? What's up with that? I discovered it this morning. I stopped wearing my wedding set on our anniversary as I assumed that, when the wedding ring didn't fit, the engagement ring would be the same. I'm wearing the e-ring today so I have upgraded from unwed mother to engaged-yet-not-married mother.

We had our one and only birth class on Saturday. I can honestly say that I learned nothing. Well, maybe that's not exactly true - I did decide to purchase a birth ball. Apparently they are good for pelvis spreading. And I am ALL ABOUT pelvis spreading. Leo impressed the class and left me speechless (well, almost) by being the only dad to answer the nurse's questions about birth. He is quite the expert on both vacuum extraction and the proper use of forceps. Who knew?

Owen made it on to the global audit department SWOT analysis. He is a threat, as perceived by my coworkers. I guess that's a compliment.

We rearranged some rooms yesterday. Its really quite amazing how much bigger they look. In one room, we moved out a twin sized bed and moved in a double and - somehow - the room looks so much larger. Mom bought us a changing table. We just need to finish painting the trim in the nursery and then we can start setting those things up. I do expect that the nursery will turn into a staging area for the kitchen. Leo is scheduled to demolish the old/put in the new kitchen at the end of the month. Yikes. We get a new front door a week from today. And we will be getting new windows next month. You wouldn't think the whole house would need to be remodeled before the baby is born...

And speaking of the baby (as if I speak of anything else)...I woke up from a sound sleep last night, coughing. This apparently scared the crap out of the baby, who was laying perfectly still before that. I found it amusing.

We tour the birth center tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow about the champagne choices and the hot tubs.

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