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Owen learned a new trick this morning. He wedged his foot under my rib cage and stretched. For a four plus pound baby, he's pretty strong. I couldn't say that it hurt, exactly, but it didn't feel good either. Hopefully he will remember this skill when it comes time for birth (you know, for leverage). I served him his 60 Day Notice to Vacate a couple of days ago. I tried to come up with some early birth incentives, but I don't think very new babies have any wants, only needs. So I wasn't sure what to offer.

I think I mentioned in my last entry that I hadn't felt him move as much. Or rather, I don't remember feeling him move. I think I must have been distracted with all of our drama, because he was plenty active today. He doesn't have nearly as much room to move now, so the kicking is mostly wiggling (and stretching).

I survived 40 hours of secure firewall and router configuration class. Now I just need to make it through a 40 hour meeting next week.

The in-laws are taking me out for dinner tonight (Leo is coming too, of course). Then my mom is taking us out tomorrow. I haven't made a real dinner in weeks. OK, technically I "made" dinner last night, but all we had was chili dogs and a salad, so that hardly counts. If I can just milk the whole birthday thing for the next two weeks, then we can eat off of the baby shower, then Leo's birthday, Valentine's and then the birth itself....I'll never have to cook again.

Tomorrow we have 8 hours of child birth training. I chose the one day course as I knew there was no way I would get Leo to go back for the second course in a series. Then we're doing the birth center tour Monday night. I already know they have hot tubs "big enough for three people" (and I can imagine there are SO MANY people who want to get into a hot tub with a laboring woman, so a three person tub might be too small) but I am not quite clear on what type of champagne is available. Because you can't properly do the whole hot tub thing without champagne. It would be even better if the tub was in the back of a white limo owned by David Lee Roth, wouldn't it? He should open a birth center. Then he could distract the laboring women with his acrobatics.

Oh, we have heat again. The starter needed replacing, which makes me feel pretty good as there is no way I could have fixed that myself. And the whole experience cost us less than $200. So it wasn't anywhere near the drama I thought it would be.

I just got my catalog to choose the five year service award. I really, really wish I could post a picture of this stuff, because it is hilarious. My favorite is the company logo pin with a garnet in it. Reminiscent of the service stars that McDonald's employees wear on their name badges. I can also get some really ugly jewelry, a bar set (because this job leads to drinking), a picnic basket, a putter, watch or a stainless steel briefcase/chess set. In case you ever want to play chess with James Bond. It's good to know just what five years of your life is worth.

In case anyone has suffered through all of this, I'll leave you with a teaser about the excitement that I will certainly have next week...I am due to attend my first ever basketball game (I've never even seen one on TV) and - this is especially for you Shannon - we are going on a tour of the Rouge Plant! The glamour! The excitement! (Also, Shannon, have you looked at the Rouge Plant as a place to have your reception? Just a thought).

Why didn't someone tell me there is a Bacon of the Month Club???

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