craptastic birthday


First there was the more boring than boring training class. Then Leo and I were supposed to go out to dinner, but I felt bad for my foreign coworkers so I invited them along. That part was actually enjoyable, and I thought that maybe the day was turning around. Then we got home at around 10 (drove through a blizzard) only to find that our furnace had died sometime during the day.

It was 49 degrees when we got home. I spent about the next hour running back and forth between the furnace and thermostat, convinced I could fix it. An hour later, the temp had dropped by another 2 degrees. I didn't know how cold it was outside, but it was well below freezing and I became convinced that the pipes would freeze and we would die. The hysteria was helped along by the fact that I was completely exhausted. Leo tried to get an after hours repair person out, but there were too many other people in the MDA with the same issue so we couldn't get help for any amount of money.

Leo ran out to buy a space heater, while I tried my damndest to have a nervous breakdown. I've been having more and more breathing issues lately, and crying and breathing proved to be an either/or proposition so I stuck with breathing. I really, really just wanted to lose it while Leo was gone so I felt better. But I couldn't even do that.

At about this point, I realized that I hadn't felt the baby move in a while. Probably I was just not paying attention. I have felt a few sole kicks since then, but it still makes me nervous.

I went to bed wearing a couple of sweaters, a scarf, a hat and we had about four blankets (one of them electric) on the bed. Plus the space heater. As the space heater warmed the room, I woke about every half hour to remove a layer so I wouldn't get too hot. Leo was still under all of the layers when the alarm went off, so I really think he must be coming down with something.

It was 43 degrees in the house this morning. Thank goodness it didn't go below freezing. I got a hold of a repairman at 7 this morning, he should be out by noon. Leo is going to stay home for that. I really feel just horrid (no sleep, getting sick) and may go home later.

I am so happy we didn't have to deal with a burst pipe. Other than that, it was the worst birthday ever.

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