I guess I need to slow down. I left work at 4:30 yesterday and drove across town to a decent (and yet WAY overpriced) grocery store. 1 hour and 200 plus dollars later, I made my way to a SECOND grocery store. I almost burst into tears when I got home, because I have to visit a THIRD grocery store today.

Grocery shopping involves a lot of reaching for things on low shelves, pushing a heavy cart, saying many "excuse me's" to those horribly annoying people who just love to block the entire aisle while they compare and contrast ry-vita flavors, and much standing. Plus there is no place to sit and take a break in grocery stores. I'm already carrying 30 extra pounds of baby and baby-related goo around. My lungs have no room to expand and I have almost 50% more blood to oxygenate. So grocery shopping really takes it out of me. Its a lot like trying to run underwater.

All this is further exacerbated by my not being able to sleep more than 4 hours at one time. I don't usually wake from hunger or having to pee. I just wake up. For no reason. And I can't get back to sleep. On an aside, this is what led me to the discovery that HBO airs soft porn in the wee hours. You think you are watching a documentary or something and then - bam - there's nekid people doing stuff. I expect that sort of behavior from Cinemax. But not from HBO.

In summary, I am tired, I'm cranky, I am uncomfortable...oh and did I mention that I also have something of a cold?

The good news is that today is the last full work day until January 3. Oh and my boss appears to be at HQ today (we keep flip-flopping so I never see him) so that's another bonus. So I'm spending my time wisely. By finishing my book.

It's called the Dogs of Babel by Carolyn Parkhurst. I really like it and its a pretty quick read. Unfortunately, I can't go into why I really like it without giving away part of the plot. But it relates to something that happened in my life that I've never really read a book about and I enjoy hearing another persons take on dealing with it.

Tomorrow is three hours of work. Its supposed to snow something like 6" so I'm just going to go to HQ. Put in my time. Maybe eat some free food at the holiday reception. And go home. And not come back to work for a week.

Sounds blissful.

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