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Last night's party was so fancy that quartered double cheeseburgers on toothpicks were served. No joke. Shannon, you may want to keep that hors d'oeuvres idea in mind for your wedding. Almost every one of the invited departments are located in another building, so I knew no one. There was a very disturbing mix of balding middle aged men in suits and twenty-something blonds in corporate skank wear. No spouses or dates were invited, so this must be the makeup of our company.

My goal was to eat as much as possible of the free food and then leave. I did just that. Since almost all of the food was junky, I decided to eat an insane amount of raw vegetables and dip (and I was the only person out of the 200 or so there that had any vegetables). I even had a trail of blue cheese dressing down my top at one point. Too bad that I am gigantically pregnant, it ruined my near total anonymity.

This was one of several corporate Christmas parties that I must attend this year. That's the problem with working for a mega-corp. There are so many people that 37,000 separate parties are required.

I have so little to do at work today, that I brought a book. No one is here. Everything is done for the year. If I hadn't already made lunch plans, I might have just not come in. Borders is having a buy two, get one free sale. So I bought some books yesterday. Leo has expressed interest in going skiing this weekend, so I figured I'd need something to do while he was on the slopes. I looked and looked for a day spa in Cadillac, MI but they don't have one, apparently. I was really looking forward to that too. Oh well. Maybe me and my Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask, cocoa, and a book will suffice. I just looked down at my stomach right as baby was doing a flip. Its so freaky when you can SEE his movements. I'll take that as a sign of approval for the weekend plans. I know he likes cocoa.

Last night brought us a sliver of hope of staying in the MDA. I don't want to jinx it, but I am most encouraged. Details to follow.

I just finished typing my letter of complaint to Walgreen's for giving me 5 times the quantity of RhoGAMthat was prescribed. While I am seriously trying to cut back on my customer service letters of complaint (there have been a lot lately), I do worry that they could do that to someone else and maybe that person will be seriously injured. I mean, what kind of pharmacist just makes up dosages of drugs because he "doesn't have the time" to figure out the correct dose? The guy working the deli counter at the grocery store can accurately give me a pound of smoked turkey when asked. You'd think the pharmacist, who has just a tad more education and compensation than the deli counter meat slicer, would be able to do the same.

I won't be shocked if I start calling the evening news "Problem Solvers" soon.

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