insurance scam?!?!?!


Went to see the midwife again today. Everything went very very well.

    gestational diabetes - negative
    anti-baby antibodies (due to Rh incompatibility) - negative
    weight gain - right on target
    blood pressure - present and accounted for; not too high, not too low
    heartbeat - loud and strong
    fundal height - 29" (that's right people, my UTERUS is 29" tall)
    rhogam shot in the ass - completed, didn't even hurt

So everything is just perfect. Well, almost. My midwife had me get the rhogam at the pharmacy and bring it in. I guess when they dispense it out of the office, they are only reimbursed $25 for each $175 shot. So she wrote me a scrip for 1 dose. Walgreen's claims that they didn't know what "1 dose" means, so they decided to give me a case of rhogam (retail value $875). Doctors office says Walgreen's should have called them if they had any questions. Walgreen's says that they can't stop and call every time they have a question. I say what if this was the kind of thing that could hurt me? Or, more to the point, what would they do if I had a prescription for something like Oxycontin? Would they just throw up their hands and give me $900 worth because they didn't know what else to do?

I didn't open the bag, so all this wasn't discovered until I got to the midwife's office. Much hullabaloo was made over my bringing in a case of rhogam. I have prescription coverage, so I called them after the appointment. They claim that it was actually my health insurance. My health insurance denies this. All I know is that I only paid $25 for $875 of rhogam. I asked the nurses if they thought I could sell it on the street. Doesn't look likely. Someone got screwed out of $700. Too bad everyone's customer service denies responsiblity. Maybe I should write to the NYT Ethicist to see what to do.

I have to interview two CPAs this afternoon. Know how much I know about what CPAs do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So it should be short. I have two more next week. Maybe I'll know what I'm doing by then.

Only 5 more full days of work before shutdown.

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