good thing I'm loosing my mind


It's a good thing that I am loosing my mind. Otherwise the transition from hyper type-a audit master to queen of dirty diapers might be too hard to take. It might be that there is SO MUCH happening right now, or (more probably) its the hormones. I can't remember a damn thing. I even forgot Leo's age recently (I thought he was 27, but I guess he's 28) (pretty soon I'll have to turn him in for an even younger man).

I have no idea what I bought people for Christmas. Naturally, I have wrapped each gift ages ago, and I honestly have NO IDEA what I bought. I'm sure I'll end up giving tons of stuff to some people and nothing to others. Oh, I just bought a couple of books, for my mom, from this guy. I can't imagine that there is a huge market for Lego reenactments of Bible stories, but that's right up my mom's tree. 

In other Christmas gift related news, I had finished my shopping for my niece before she was born and before we knew that she was a girl. So I have a totally genderless gift for her (its wrapped in a gift bag, that's the only way I have any idea what I got her). I got to feeling kind of bad about that this weekend, so I decided to maybe pick up a dress or something to go with it. I ended up buying an itty-bitty pink shirt (with Miffy wearing a tutu and ice skating)(hmmm...that would have made a good gift for Schwest too, now that I think of it) and a tiny ivory cardigan with miniscule knit pink flowers over the snaps. When I got home, I showed it to Leo. He looked at me like I had just pulled a disembodied head out of the shopping bag. Very slowly he said "who is THAT for?". I said something like "who do you think its for? Isn't it ADORABLE?". Even more terror and disgust appeared in his eyes. I guess he thought I had bought the sweater for Owen. Weirdo.

The Weirdo was also quite busy this weekend. He assembled ALL of our kitchen cabinets (well, all that weren't busted in transport). Turns out Leo's a pretty handy guy. Have I mentioned that he retiled part of the bathroom on Friday? Using only Q-tips? He is like the MacGyver of Q-tips. He also cleaned the house from top to bottom and disinfected every surface. I LOVE it when he goes all Joan Crawford meets Bob Villa.

I took my certification exam (CISSP, in case anyone cares) on Saturday. The test I took and the one I studied for had no relationship to each other. None whatsoever. I couldn't even tell you what was on the test, but it definitely wasn't what I studied for. So if I actually pass, it will be solely due to common sense and not at all from preparation.

The former head of information security at my company was one of the proctors of the test. I talked to him for a bit and he said that, when he quit, he recommended me to take his place! Me! Can you imagine? Me, as the head of security for a Fortune 150 company*? That's NUTS! And a little hard to hear as I make my plans to devote the rest of my life to baby and laundry. This kid better be DAMN cute, I tell you.

What else?  Why haven't I seen ANYONE is weeks?  What's happening?  And what's going on for New Years?  Leo will be ditching me, I mean, um, spending quality time with Raj in Vail, so I am on my own.  So who wants to invite me to a party?  Just keep in mind that I am almost as wide as I am tall now, and I have to be in bed by 8pm.  And, when estimating how much food to serve, I should be counted as 12 people.

*Not that there is any realm of possibility of this actually happening, but it sure was flattering to hear.

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