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Did I mention that I have 56 more days of paid employment? Did I? Because I do. That's it, 56 days. There was a time when this thought would have scared the pants off me, but the actual business of working has been so tedious as of late that I can do nothing but pray for time to pass quickly. Unfortunately, things are likely to pick up in January (new projects and the like) so maybe I won't feel the same way.

This is even worse than waiting to graduate from high school. I clearly remember sitting in Miss Cranfield's sociology class (where all we learned was that middle-class people love to barbeque) and counting out the remaining days. If I was a smidge better at math, I might have simply subtracted a 1 from the previous days total. Instead I started the calculation fresh every single day.

Leo has planned a romantic anniversary dinner for us (can you believe that its been a YEAR already) at a restaurant that I've never been to, but always wanted to try. I was thinking about making something, but our anniversary falls on a Monday and my enthusiasm is rather hard to predict nowadays (some days I have tons of energy, other days I just want to curl up into a ball).

I just confirmed it: my undergraduate transcripts are now in the hands of Pat Robertson! Egads! The college I got my bachelor's from is closing at the end of this month and they made some deal with Regent University (started by Robertson) to give them all of the transcripts. Good thing I already got a masters, I feel quite certain that all record of me ever going to college will be lost in this move. And check out this blurb from their website:

Dr. M. G. "Pat" Robertson, founder and president of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), had an inspired vision to establish a graduate-level institution that would train men and women for the challenge of representing Christ in their professions. In 1978, Robertson's vision materialized, as 70 students began classes.

What's up with the verb tense in that last sentence? I wouldn't go to any college that has writing like that on their homepage. That's the end of the writing, so there's no telling if those 70 students ever finished classes or graduated. Maybe the campus is being haunted by those 70 souls, cursed to roam the earth in search of a solid Christian college education.

Do you think my transcripts will say that I graduated from Regent University? If so, I could construct a brand new past that includes my attending a southern, evangelical bible college (instead of the 5 classroom, mildly religious, Detroit school that it was). Too bad the records weren't bought by Bob Jones University; that would have been even more dramatic. My school was started by Jack Van Impe and I guess his televangelist career just wasn't as successful as Robertson's. Oh well. I guess that's what happens when you trust the best years of your life to a TV preacher.

No word yet re: the imminent birth of my first niece/nephew. I imagine it will be sometime late this afternoon or even this evening before we hear anything.

Owen has been an extreme pain in the abdomen lately. He kicked me so much yesterday that I was in true pain! On one hand, I find all the kicking terribly reassuring. On the other hand, well, it hurts (how can someone that only weighs 2.5 lbs be so strong?). He does seem to calm down if I put my hands on my stomach but I can't very well keep feeling myself up all day. I'm going to try to really limit my sugar intake today and see if that gets him in line.

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