I thought I had a coherent thought, but I must have been wrong


WAY too disturbing for a Monday morning:

As you progress through your third trimester, your weight will begin to increase more rapidly than in the first or second trimesters and your breasts will increase in size and weight. In fact they may become 4 times larger and heavier.

4 TIMES??!?!


Schwest will be co-teaching a class this spring and she shared a little information tidbit that I thought was pretty interesting. Fruits and vegetables with 4 digit PLUs (Product Look Up number) are conventionally grown, and the 5 digits are organically grown (beginning with a 9), and genetically modified (beginning with an 8). You know how I love my grocery store fun facts.

In more totally random news, I just got to make this phone call:

"Hi, I graduated from there about a year and a half ago. I still had a tuition balance at graduation, so I never got my diploma. Its all paid off now, so can I have my diploma?"

Worse, the department secretary REMEMBERED me. Oh, the shame of it all! At the graduation ceremony, I actually got a diploma holder with a collections letter inside.

Leo's brother just emailed me to warn me that the number of plastic guns (as well as other artillery) is likely to grow exponentially after Owen is born. Hopefully Leo will get a job where he works 24/7 and he'll never have time to amass a play arsenal. Oh, this baby has no idea what its in for.

Speaking of babies, I am going to be an aunt tomorrow. I'm really rather excited about the whole thing. Leo's sister is being induced early tomorrow morning so there will be a baby in the family by midnight. I hope I don't ever have to be induced because I think I'd hate knowing that it was coming (although the planner in me might really like it). They don't know the baby's gender. For the record, I'm calling that its a girl. But I kind of hope its a boy for Owen's sake.

Last tidbit: While shopping at my local Walgreen's, I noticed that they only sell black Santas and nativity sets. You know how in a white nativity set, there is always one black king? Well, in black nativity sets the reverse does not hold true.

Really the last tidbit: Leo is disturbingly obsessed with that new Gilligan's Island reality show. We've been talking about ditching cable any day now, this way be the final straw.

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