attack of the killer pianos


I am "measuring a week ahead". I don't actually know if my due date will move up a week or if it just means that this is a big baby (all the credit goes to Leo's genes, thank you very much Leo).

So I had another ultrasound this morning. All is going well. I had it because they didn't get a good enough look at Owen's back last time. We saw the back, the tech said that everything looks good and that Owen is about 2 lbs. now. I just know that he is going to be a super-sized baby. Yikes.

Owen chose the comfortable position of putting his left foot and his right hand both on his forehead (he must get his flexibility from his mom). He was mildly awake when we saw him. This kind of shocked me because he had been up for about 12 hours at the time. It all started when I ate 4 clementines after dinner last night. OK, that sounds excessive, but they were really small (and really good). Something about this jolt of citrus made him freak out...all night.

I gave up on sleeping at about 3:45 this morning. After I got out of bed, I laid on the couch and watched tv (on a side note, I seem to always be watching TV at this time nowadays. Do you know how many hours of Girls Gone Wild commercials are out there at this time slot? It seems like its on every other channel). When I bored of that, I decided to pull up my shirt and watch my stomach gyrate (Babies Gone Wild). When I called out his name, my belly would shake in response. It was kind of neat.

Have I mentioned the crazy dreams I've been having? Really, all of these hormones are making me nuts. My favorite so far is the one where Zareena (the person, not the cat) and Paris Hilton steal the money that Schwest and I had been saving and go off to Paris. I never have celebrity dreams and I am rather amused by the pairing of Paris Hilton and Zareena. I also had a doozy last night. I dreamt I was in a mansion where everything was big. Not because the owners were giants or anything, just because they were rich. So I walked up a grand staircase and entered a sitting room. The sofa was so big that the seat came up to my shoulder. There was also a gaudy gold and white grand piano there. When I touched a key, it played the Phantom of the Opera theme and grabbed my shirt. I woke up in an absolute panic. Then I realized that I had just had the stupidest nightmare ever, where I was attacked by a piano. Gotta love the hormones.

We are off on our whirl wind tour of the Midwest in just a few hours. I measured the kitchen again this morning and I think we are all ready for that. Ay-yai-yai there is so much to do!

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