the ass kickingest city in America


My favorite part of the Pistons - Pacers brawl? When someone threw a metal folding chair, a la WWF.

Local news is making a big point of saying that it was in a far suburb and not Detroit. Really the same people were there that would have been there if it was in the city, and no one really cares about that anyhow on a national level.

I believe that incidents such as this are just one more tiny step towards the end of the world. My proof is this. PAX (the nicety-nice Walton's Evangelical network) is airing a show that traps 10 "chain smokers" in a house and forces them to quit smoking.

What comes after this? A bunch of people detoxing off heroin? Perhaps some schizophrenics deprived of medication? I think reality TV is horrid by itself, but this brings us to new lows, by making people suffer for our entertainment. At least in other such shows (like Fear Factor) the people are stupid enough to volunteer to look stupid. The chain smokers were tricked into this.

I would really like to develop that thought (as I am convinced that it is a sign of the apocalypse) but I am just too damn busy.

I had Carnegie this morning (second to last session - thank GOD) and I have an ultrasound tomorrow morning. Then I'm off on Wednesday (my floating 4th of July holiday) when Leo and I will be purchasing a new kitchen at Ikea and I'll be cooking up a storm in Indiana (even though Indiana-Detroit relations are a little stressed due to the brawl. We see this as a move for peace). So I'm really only at work (and having internet access) for something like 8 hours this week.

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