baby's first poop



Your baby weighs one pound, nine ounces, and measures 22 centimeters crown to rump. Your baby's ears are fully functional now, and he or she may even blink in reaction to a loud noise. The brain is growing rapidly. If you could look inside your uterus, you'd see a well-proportioned head and body.
Your baby's first meconium stool has been formed in the large intestine and will be excreted in the days following the birth. Some babies will pass some meconium in the amniotic fluid before the birth. This would require suctioning at the time of your baby's birth.


I'm back.  9 days seemed like a really long time to be gone.  The class was good, there were some Nigerian bank examiners in my class.  They suffered through many email scam jokes.  Poor guys.

I'm tired, I don't think I had a good night's sleep the whole week.  All sorts of interesting stuff has happened but I just can't get it together to write about it just yet. 

Oh, Wendy is ok.  I still don't know what happened and I haven't talked to her.  But I have it on good authority that she is alive. 

I had more Carnegie this morning.  I learned how to share my opinion.  That's really something I need encouragement to do.  Yeah.  The class was, once again, totally insane and off topic.  Only two more classes to go...

I have so much to do and it looks like I'm going to have to go to a plant in Ohio this week.  I have Carnegie again next Monday, than another ultrasound then I'm off Wednesday through Friday and the next thing you know, its December.  Where has this year gone?

I will add that today I tried to pick an item up from the bottom shelf at a store.  I bent down and...fell on my ass.  Guess that center of gravity really has changed.

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