I've been grouped with felons


I just registered for the information security certification test that I had planned to take before the end of the year. After completing a really detailed questionnaire and giving them $500 (and that was the early registration fee), I got an email telling me that they have to run a background check on me before they even let me register for the exam! Crazy. Not everyone gets a background check, just people who are felons, or who have had certifications revoked, or who have CHANGED THEIR NAMES! That's right up there with being a felon.

Leo and I planned out our new kitchen last night. It looks like the cabinets, counter, etc. will cost $3000 which is pretty great. Maybe we can do the whole thing for under 5k.

Speaking of Leo, he took me out to lunch yesterday. We went to the Bone Yard, which I have passed by almost daily for my entire life but never been inside. It was, um, ok. I wanted to really like it, but it fell a little short.

Someone put a can of soup on top of my fluffy sandwich. Now its all smushed.

OK, I guess I should just be up front that absolutely nothing interesting has happened in quite some time.

Still no updates on where we are going to live, what we are going to do, etc. Which means I can't plan. Which makes me sad.

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