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What does it take to schedule an ultrasound? Apparently, more than my doctor's office has.

I have to go for a follow up US in the next couple of weeks. Everything's fine, but Owen was so intent on flashing us that he did not let us get a good look at his spine. He was lying on his side, so I don't really know how that is possible (I mean, I can see the spine in the photos). They said everything was fine and they sure better not be playing mind games with me.

The doctor's office computer system has been down all week now. So they can't take appts. That is what we call a "material system weakness" in my line of work. .

My boss is in Europe for the next three weeks. He keeps sending scary cryptic messages to me about updating various spreadsheets. I have no idea what he's talking about.

Thank goodness the election is over and we don't have to hear about this stuff for another 4 years. I have a hard enough time completely understanding and evaluating the things that I do have control over; I just can't handle having to absorb all of the info about things that I don't have control over too. You do your job, Mr. President, and I will do mine.

Speaking of the election, I've been thinking about the nature of discrimination. In my mind, discrimination exists when people are singled out and prevented (or required) to do something based on who they are. Is it discrimination to say that a man can't marry a man? I can't get married again (at least not without first getting divorced), so is that discrimination? Doesn't a man, whether he wants to or not, have the same opportunity as every other American to get married to someone of the opposite sex?

I can see this being argued as being unfair, but is it discrimination? Or is that such a PC buzz word that it is completely overused?

OK, enough discombobulated ramblings. I just got another unclear communiqué from Europe. Off to create another totally useless spreadsheet.

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