fried fish: the best thing to ever happen to me


I am using an office that has lights that run off of a motion detector. Apparently, I sit far too still for this set up. Every 10 minutes or so the lights turn off and I have to wave my arms to get them back on. Stupid ISO 14001.

Both Leo and I have decided that, had I gotten my act together to scan the ultrasound pictures, they would look like this.  He was sucking his thumb during the ultrasound (except he was doing it freaky fast, due to the amount of caffeine he had ingested that morning - hey, my baby is a go getter), anyhow the tech tried to capture this but she got a shot right as he was removing his thumb from his mouth, so it looks like he's picking his nose.  So really the picture to the right is more flattering than the original.  Oh, and my uterus is totally smoky and cavernous and looks like a cross between the set for Fraggle Rock and the stage of a Winger concert.

And speaking of frightening, Google sent me to some German heavy metal poetry site for the picture.  There are some really sensitive German rockers out there.  And I fear them all.

I am remediating a site that J. Lo butt orginally audited.  This is the second time this week that I've been made to defend audit findings of hers that I don't agree with.  I don't want to cause any internal conflict, but, well...I'm just not feeling it.

The last time I was at a plant, I had lunch at Bob Evans.  I had a fried fish sandwich (something I never, ever would have ordered pre-pregnancy) and I was almost a religious experience.  Well, today I ate some fish and chips at Big Boy and it was pee your pants good (isn't that what they say on that yogurt commercial with the lesbian couple that loves yogurt?).

I just realized that I have yet to publicly express my glee at the whole O'Reilly scandal.  From the moment he left Hard Copy, I have despised him.  Not really his political views so much, more they way he says things.  I also hate that he keeps trying to portray himself as "fair and balanced".  He isn't.  It's no shame to be conservative, Bill.  Its time you come out of the closet.  Maybe that's why you were so shockingly nice to Michael Moore at the convention, because you were afraid that you would blow your cover.  And maybe if you had a real outlet for these things, you wouldn't be such a damn perv.

I'm having dinner with Christopher tonight.  I don't think I have seen him since the last spring! 


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