Tons of Fun goes to Chicago


I spent the weekend in Chicago with Schwest and Jeremy (one of whom insisted on calling me "Tons of Fun" all weekend)(I'll give you a hint: it wasn't Jeremy). We did not make it for Guatemalan breakfast on Saturday morning. Instead we seasoned Schwest's mate (ma-tay, I felt I needed to spell that out because "seasoned a mate" sounded vaguely sexual and creepy). A mate is a gourd from which tea is drunk through a straw that acts as a tea leaf filter. The gift of a mate has inspired me to start wanting a china cabinet in which to display this and other international cooking paraphernalia.

We had some lovely Cuban food in German town and then rushed off to the play. Actually, I don't know if you can call it a play, but "performance art" sounds to weird. It was called "Alice" and it was an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. There were five or six performances, all took place at different spots in the neighborhood. We were lead around by a white rabbit who kept calling us Maryann. Our absolute favorite part is when my mother was commanded to be this shirtless Jack Black-type guy's badminton partner. They were playing against two mimes. Jack Black was also singing "The Final Countdown", which was playing on a stereo somewhere. Mom only got to play for a second, though, because she missed one and JB screamed "Noooo!" at her. Now that's art.

We then got some ice cream at a local shop. Schwest had told me about the Fat Elvis flavor (banana ice cream with peanut butter and chocolate chunks) so I had that. One "regular" cone was about a cubic foot of frozen dairy fat goodness. It was great. Then we headed off for the mall to look at baby crap. I had wanted to look for a nursery set, but I got kind of creeped out by the choices. It just seems so odd to me to pick out a room theme for someone who clearly has no preference in this matter. I refuse to buy anything that is a licensed character, so that's out. And I don't *really* want to stereotype him into loving sports or fire trucks or something at such a young age. I think I'm going to stick with solids and plaids. Schwest did manage to pick up a "my first briefcase" for Owen. It has a ringing cell phone, squeaky calculator, watch rattle and car keys in it. It is hilarious! Anyway, the nursery decorations are largely just for the benefit of adults, so they can wait a bit.

We had Afghan food on Saturday, which kicked ass. It was indeed very similar to northern Indian food. I had a vegetarian combo of pureed pumpkin, eggplant, spinach and dhal (they were all separate dishes) over spiced rice. On Sunday we had a French bistro type brunch. I had some butter pecan French toast, but they squirted pureed squash on it and that bothered me. Jeremy liked it, though, so maybe it was just me. I ate all of my dish, plus half of my mother's poached eggs on brandade with potatoes (it was really good) so I did not leave hungry.

I got home to find that we are watching our in-law's black lab. We woke up at 3 this morning to hear her crunching on something. It turned out to be an ant trap full of poison. So Leo called poison control and the dog is in no danger (turns out the poison works by dissolving the ant's shells - gross). But it confirmed my belief that I like dogs (if at all) when they are doing stupid thing in other people's homes.

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