IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!


We had the ultrasound this morning and saw the money shot three times. I'd say we can be fairly certain that it is indeed a boy. The technician got some great shots, including one of him sucking his thumb and one that's a full on portrait. He was quite active, which may have had something to do with all that coffee I drank this morning. All of the organs are there, the placenta is in a good place and there are ten fingers and ten toes. There appear to be no horns on his head or a third eye or a tail. I'll try scanning the pictures as soon as I can. Right now he looks a little like cross between a skeleton and Gollum. In summary let me just say "holy crap, I can't believe I'm going to be a parent, much less the parent of a boy".

What do I know about boys? Nothing. Abso-frickin-lutely nothing. I have one sister and perhaps not the, um, manliest father. I mean, I grew up in a totally sports-free household. So hopefully Owen will be really into watching black and white documentaries about World War II. Because that is what I grew up with. At least I'll have time. I mean, I doubt that, as a newborn, Owen will out talk me on football. So I have time. And there is still a good chance that he will be fairly nerdy and bookish (its in his genes).

I also had the thought while driving back from the ultrasound that this tiny creature living in my innards will someday be taller than me. How terribly strange.

I very much appreciated the validation that I got from the technician that my bladder was indeed quite full. They said to drink a boatload of water beforehand, so I did. And this was verified on camera as my very full bladder was actually bigger than my uterus (which is really saying something these days). Not only was I nervous about the scan, but I really REALLY had to go to the bathroom and then, of course, the transducer was being pressed on my bladder.... Good times.

It is such a good day, Zoup! is selling cream of broccoli. And it looks like I can sneak out of work early to drive to Chicago. I should play the lottery or something.

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