there IS something alive in my insides


Item: Something in my innards just kicked me in the hoohoo!

Could this be - gasp - baby movement? Or is it just a particularly virulent tape worm? Since it happened (all of 2 minutes ago) I have been willing it to occur again but the baby (or tapeworm) is immune to my mind control. The baby/tape worm is clearly just trying to mess with my head.

Item: Chinese auditor is flying back to China today!

So I will no longer need to criss-cross the metro Detroit area, acting as a chauffer. Thank goodness.

Item: I tricked my boss into buying me a kick ass meal last night!

We went to Sweet Georgia Brown last night and it was SO GOOD. I had a seafood cocktail that was about two cups of lovely, lovely seafood in a spicy sauce (and it was served in a martini glass, which might have been pretty, but it caused me to create an 8 inch "fallout" zone around the glass. Yes, I am a pig). Then I had a fried green tomato salad with country ham. And maybe I did have a piece or pecan pie (which was annoyingly called a "torte", when it really was a "tart". Hello, words actually mean something people).

Item: I will receive a pantload full of obstetrics in the next 24 hours!

I visit the midwife this afternoon. We will have in depth discussions on the topic "why the hell do I keep passing out?". Then there is the much anticipated baby gender revealing ultrasound tomorrow morning. I have never been so excited to see a doctor in my life!

Item: Mom and I are headed to Chicago tomorrow afternoon!

I haven't seen Schwest in a very long time. Leo can't come, so its going to be all about the Holderby family. We are going to attend a performance of Alice on Saturday, preceded by a Guatemalan breakfast and postceded by either Korean BBQ or Afghani food. Brunch on Sunday will be at La Tache (because you know how important it is to me to start my day at a spot that is both "stylish" and "sexy").

Item: I just had my favorite lunch and this saying "Item!" business is getting annoying!

Carrot-apple juice, chicken schwarma sandwich, whipped sweet potato with honey. Best lunch ever. Except that La Shish doesn't include pickled turnips in their chicken schwarma. But it was still pretty darned good.

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