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I'm back to internet radio at work. I caught myself rocking back and forth while listening to it. I must have looked like a mental patient. But the mix of caffeine and Ministry was just too much for me at 7:30 in the morning.

I'm still torn as to whether this change in responsibility is good or bad, but I am loving doing something different. I am organizing our international remediation plan. I LOVE organizing. I have developed a color coded matrix that Edward Tufte would be proud of.

"Detachable Penis" on the radio. They just don't write them like that anymore.

I interviewed the doula last night. I like her, we have similar views on birth. I was a little bit afraid that she might look real hippy-ish and talk about gaining strength from the goddess and talk about incense burning or something but she was pretty normal. She actually reminded me of a salesperson I worked with 10 years ago at the furniture store. This lady (who has the same first name as the doula, actually) was a heavy set woman who was about 4 feet tall. And she was recovering from cocaine addiction.

I never really knew people who did coke, at least not outside of the gay party boy crowd (and I barely knew them). I'm ashamed to admit that cocaine always held something of a disco-era mystique and glamour in my mind. This was completely incongruous with the frumpy 4 ft. tall lady, so that made her even more irresistibly fascinating. She told me all sorts of outrageous drug depraved coke stories and I hung on her every word. She looked a lot like the doula too.

I really wish I could remember coke-lady's last name. Because it would really suck if she turned out to be my doula. I don't think they are the same person, but they do look a lot alike and they have the same first name.

After a full day of work today, my presence is required at a going away dinner for a coworker. What is this, a law firm? At least its a free meal. I also have another going away meal, tomorrow for lunch. And lets not forget Dale Carnegie. It will be the highlight of my day.

Fact of the Day: unfrosted PopTarts have the same number of calories as frosted ones. And even the "reduced fat" ones have 190 calories per 'Tart. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Additional Fact of the Day: Whoppers flavored Hershey's syrup is the best thing to have ever happened to milk.

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