big frothy glass o' placenta


It's really fricking hot in here. This morning it was freezing, but now it is way hot. Its so hot I feel a little sick to my stomach.

Speaking of stomach sickness, someone left me a guestbook entry on eating placenta. Naturally, I was fascinated and explored the subject further. I belong to several pregnancy chatborads. The ladies on the mainstream, medically ignorant, early twenties board all squealed "eew!" and left it at that. On the more mature, enlightened, and hippyish board it sparked a long talk about placental preparation. What really struck me as odd was that most of the ladies who are planning on doing this are vegetarian.

I am a life long meat eater. But the idea of eating any placenta (mine, yours, a cow's) is really revolting to me. It's up there with tripe in my book. The ladies were either going to bake it, make lasagna with it, make a smoothie or tincture out of it or make placenta jerky. Some were going to dry it and put it in capsules to swallow. To the left is a picture of a placenta.  Would you want to eat it?  Yeah.  Imagine a placenta smoothie.  Now imagine you are a vegan.  Now imagine you are a vegan drinking a big frothy glass o' placenta.  Wasn't that on Fear Factor?

Tonight I meet a doula.  She's coming to my house.  I really hope I like her because there aren't many others that I've found. 

I think my boss is giving me "special treatment" because I'm pregnant.  First he told me that I wouldn't be traveling for the rest of the year.  I had a chat with him and told him how I'd rather travel now since Q1 next year will be my third trimester, Q2 I'll be on maternity leave and Q3 and Q4 (as well as for the next 18 years) I will have a child to tend to.  Besides I am feeling fine.  So now I will be going to mid-Michigan in October. 

I have also been put in charge of a lot of stuff.  At first I was really flattered.  But now I wonder if its just his way of keeping me off the road.  My boss was recently promoted, so now he's in charge of a bunch of different group and he's looking at me to "manage" (its in quote because there is no promotion or raise associated with this honor) my group.  Is this good?  Or am I being sidelined?  Who knows.

OK.  I better post this before someone walks by and sees a big placenta on my monitor.

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