Oh what a weekend.

I headed straight for the AAUW book sale on Friday to get my annual 4 additions to my Time-Life "Foods of the World" cookbook set. I picked up China, Africa, "Vienna's Empire", and the American South. They had others there that I still don't have, but I have to save something for next year (See, Leo, I CAN show a little restraint when it comes to buying cookbooks. But just a little). If you ever do see some of the set, pick them up. They are just amazing. Especially when you consider what "international cooking" was like in the 1970's (when they were written).

I did indeed go to the Ryder cup on Saturday. I had fun. The most exciting thing was, at the second hole we watched (15) there was a "Professional Players Only" porta-potty. Apparently, when you are a pro-golfer, you no longer need to thoroughly shut the porta-potty door or lock it. So I saw about 1" of 8 pro-player's backs while they whizzed. Tiger was not one of them. I can only hope that he would shut the door completely. I hold him to a hgher standard.

By that afternoon, I had lost Leo completely. I ended up not hearing from him again until Sunday morning. Don't worry, he has memorized our phone number so I wasn't too worried. We had plans with friends that night, I believe just so they could have an official Leo siting so I felt kind of silly when I showed up Leo-less. But, hey, it ain't my fault that he lives only for golf and BC football. Its not like I get to see him that often either. We ended up at this place for dessert that night and I am definitely going back. Trent suggested that we go out for brunch sometime which appeals to me immensely as I am generally too old and crotchety for nighttime get togethers. The crepe place has a brunch, Trent. Hint hint.

Once I located Leo and brought him home on Sunday, he did about 8 solid hours of yard work. He even removed the rock borders around the bushes out front to mow. Our yard looks pretty kick ass right now, if I do say so myself. There is one weird thing, though. He usually trims the bushes into geometric shapes, but one of our front bushes now looks like this. I'm hoping that it will turn out that he did that to trim it in the shape of an animal or something. A seal balancing a ball on its nose would be cool.

I had to cancel the Baby Gender Oscars. We were going to have the ultrasound technician write down the gender and seal it in an envelope to be opened dramatically later that day to an audience of friends and family and an accompanying conference call to folks across the country. That would have been overly dramatic and right up my alley. Instead, Leo's parents are now blowing me off so my mom and I decided to leave for Chicago that night instead of the next morning (BTW, Schwest, we will leave for Chicago on Friday now) so we are just going to hear about the gender from the technician like normal people. I couldn't even schedule the Oscars for a different day because of my @^%!$! Dale Carnegie class. At least now we will be able to check out the picture of baby's genitals.

But don't worry. Should you think that this whole pregnancy is becoming too normal, stay tuned for the baby shower. Schwest has planned it around a "dumplings" theme or "Bundles of Joy".

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