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I found out that I will be going to the Ryder Cup tomorrow. I feel kind of guilty about this because I think the tickets are selling on eBay for like $300. Don't get me wrong, it will be kind of neat to see live the people I am forced to watch on TV all summer. But it may just all be wasted on me. My company is running a hospitality tent, so maybe I can talk my way into free stuff or something. I really hope they have Tiger Woods shaped ice cream bars or something, like how they had Hulk Hogan ice cream at Wrestlemania 3.

I took the wrong bag this morning so Leo will be enjoying an apple and a bowl of Waffle Crisp for lunch. I am lost without my 9 am cereal. I had to eat cold Pop Tarts from the vending machine. I don't need to worry about lunch, though, because the whole department is going to a Korean restaurant. My boss is totally white bread and we kind of have a running joke about foreign food. I suggested this restaurant only to piss him off a little (I really like it, I just didn't think other people would) but he took me seriously and now we are going.

The first time I had a business lunch from this restaurant was my second week of working here. My boss had asked me to order lunch in for a meeting. I asked him what he wanted and he told me to decide so I decided on Korean. And I got lots of kim chee and curried octopus. One coworker hadn't had Korean food since he was there in the Army (presumably in the 1960's as he couldn't possibly be old enough to have been there during the war). My boss didn't dislike it exactly, but he never asked me to order food for a meeting again. So maybe this will be the end of my social coordinator for the department position.

My hair looks slightly less lesbionic this morning. I still don't like it, but at least I'm not as unhappy about it as I was yesterday. I feel like its ok until I put my glasses on and then the boy-like hair plus the glasses are just too much. There's nothing I can do about the glasses so the hair will have to change.

I ordered some new soap making supplies that should come today, including some glitter to add to guest soaps. I don't think I'd put it in bath soaps because what if some stuck to you and then you looked like a chorus girl? I also got some gem shaped molds and clear melt and pour base to use in it, as well as a bunch of other stuff. I'm sticking to melt and pour while I'm pregnant, as its probably not good for the baby if I am playing with lye. I have some suspension soap base at home too but I still haven't decided what to suspend (lavender? rosemary? coffee grounds?). So, clearly, between golf and soap making it should be a crazy fun weekend.

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