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Moment of truth: 9am, Friday, October 8.

That will be my gender divining ultrasound. I can't believe that its only a month away! That will be the halfway point of the whole pregnancy. Crazy.

I went to the midwife last night. I am "large for my dates". My mother took this to mean that the men I have dated thought I was large (thanks, mom) but it actually means that I could be farther along than I thought. Or that I need to lay off the chips ahoy (not really though, as I don't think that cookies can effect uterus size because if they could, mine would be huge).

Another moment of truth will be tonight, the debut of the Apprentice! We are going over to Leo's parents' house as I really want to watch his dad's reactions to Raj. Leo's dad tends to be a little, um, excitable on the topic of Raj so it should be fun. I don't know how I will possibly stay up that late. I have been going to bed at, gosh this is embarrassing to admit, 8:30 pm. I woke up at 4 this morning. Stupid "peeing for 2". Maybe its time for a nighttime catheter.

But back to Raj. If I were still a drinkin person, I would invent a Raj-Apprentice-drinking game. Something like every time he says any Rajism, like "kind sir" "my good man" "friendship (as a sex euphemism)" or any other arcane slang, one must drink. Maybe I'll play along at home with a lemonade.

It is cream of broccoli soup day in the cafeteria! All glory be to God and the corporate lunch ladies!

I was flipping through a catalog last night when it hit me that I really hate things that are three items at the same time. I don't mean things like a pocketknife that fulfill three needs, I'm talking more about three concepts in one.   Like this ornament.  It's a s'more.  It's a snowman.  And it's a fireman.  (and it's an ornament, so that's really four things) 

Shannon has a real problem with things that are two things at once (like Anne Geddes photos, it's both a baby and a pumpkin).  Actually, she is afraid of these things.  I'm not afraid of the 3-in-1 things, they just piss me off.   I think it all began with this air freshener.  It's an air freshener and it's a fake candle and it's fake leather.   Maybe my mind just can't stretch that far.

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