I am both a mafia overlord AND a little tea pot


Let's look at some wedding pictures, 9 months after the event!

I busted out ye auld wedding album over the weekend. I figure if I look at it every other day, for the rest of my life, I might come close to getting my money's worth (stupid blood-sucking wedding photographers). I opened the book to this picture, and it struck me as terribly funny.

First off, I look like some sort of mafia overlord in my chair. Like I am the head of a formally dressed, all female crime family. Those things that look like a herbaceous borders on a string? Poisonous, and the ladies are trained to kill.

Then I noticed the look on Shannon's face (third from the right, back row). It looks as if she just finished making an obscene gesture behind my head. Schwest (left most, top row) looks as if she might have just taken a swing with her plant material at Shannon, in order to put an end to her shenanigans .

I decided that this is my favorite wedding picture of us.

I needed this weekend. By Saturday at noon, Leo and I had cleaned our house, top to bottom. My dad was in town with his wife, Roger Daltry the Hutt. She was actually very nice and she knit me two really pretty baby blankets. But she continues to look like Roger Daltry the Hutt so, in the interest of truth, I shall continue to call her that, niceness or no. And they dropped a pile of cash at Mimi Maternity for me. Almost every item they bought me cost more than my wedding dress. Considering that I have exclusively worn Target clearance clothing for a couple of years now, this is the nicest stuff I've owned in a long time. I even own a maternity "going out" shirt. Now all I need is to go out.

I am "showing". The books all say that this shouldn't happen for a few weeks yet. I have not gained an abnormal amount of weight, still it disturbs me a bit to be ahead of schedule. I see the midwife again on Wednesday, I'll wait to fully freak out about this to hear what she has to say.

I have to take off now to go to a...a...ugh...Dale Carnegie class. I cannot overstate how much I am dreading this. I hate this continuous employee improvement crap. My coworker has already taken the class and she was made to sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot". You know, because that will help me in all of those business meetings when I need to sing. The class runs from now until December. What a waste of time. My boss just got through telling me about how I have a bad attitude about this and "I'll only get out of it what I put in". So watch me sing Tea Pot with gusto.

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