Noah's Ark


Why is Noah's Ark used as a theme for all sorts of little kids stuff, including baby nurseries?

The story of Noah's ark is really scary. God destroyed the WHOLE WORLD, including little kids and babies and puppies and NO ONE survived except for one family and two of each animal. The world was plagued by flash flooding and mud slides and body parts were probably floating around and Noah's family would have seen their neighbors and friends drown to death and I bet they had to hear them scream and beg for mercy but they couldn't help them.

And then, after everyone is dead, the family is stuck on a floating petting zoo in a sea peppered with rotting bodies for 40 DAYS without a break. Take a moment to imagine how that smelled, how it looked. And what did they eat? How would Mrs. Noah have packed for such a trip? How does one estimate the food needs of two of every species plus family for an indeterminate length of time? I'm thinking they got pretty darned hungry (and the Noah family ended up eating the unicorns).

So why, oh why, would anyone decorate their child's nursery in such a manner? The flood is the WORST TRAGEDY this world has EVER SEEN. Would you decorate a nursery with a little baby quilt of the twin towers collapsing? How about a 1918 flu epidemic theme? AIDS? No? Then why do it with something that wiped out the ENTIRE PLANET?

Oy. My soap box and I are ready for a long weekend.

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