So...who wants to hear me bitch about soup?


Have you heard of the Liberty Bill act? No? Then check this out.

I took time out of my corporation's busy schedule this morning to write both my senators (the cleaning lady and the wise old owl) and my representative (the wise old owl's brother). Not only is it 1) a good idea and something that will educate people and possibly make them want to find out more about our government but 2) it started as a junior high project and 3) it will cover up that freaky pyramid with the floating eye (which, masonic symbol or no, is just creepy and weird).

It is, again, NOT cream of broccoli soup day in the cafeteria. I brought my own c.o.b.s. yesterday but I added chopped fresh broccoli to it and, even though I really thought I cooked the broccoli well enough, I ended up with a disturbing medley of broccoli textures. It wasn't very good. Probably because I bought the 98% fat free kind. Having soup cravings is so hard because you never know where it can be found on any given day. Crave sandwiches or cookies? Those are standard items that don't rotate. But soup...well, soup is harder to find. Perhaps I need to start a website to track c.o.b.s. throughout the metro Detroit area. Actually, it would be much nicer if someone else would create the site and then send me the link.

The cafeteria is selling a "swanky frankey" today. Schwest calls them "francheesies" (regional difference?). It's a hot dog, split down the middle and stuffed with cheese, that is then wrapped in bacon and cooked. If this had been offered during my carnival food period, I would have been all over it. But one cannot substitute processed meat products for creamy broccoli goodness. Plus our cafeteria does a really horrid job with junk food. And the french fries! Oh, the sad, soggy french fries. I think they might buy frozen fries and then boil them.

We will not be going to Indiana tonight. Although we both desperately need a vacation, this is probably for the best. Our house is a mess. And when I say "mess" I mean that it looks like 50 people have been locked inside since the '70s and never cleaned. So its good that we'll have time this weekend to get our act together. I still need to paint the trim in the nursery, and then we can put that room back together. Which is good, because this kid already has a lot of crap to store and it won't be born for another 6 months.

My stomach is expanding and itchy. I lotioned it for the first time this morning. And I think that today may be this shirt's final wearing in some time. If I'm not careful, I believe that there may be occasional inadvertent belly button exposure. I'm so ready for a burka.

OK, I'm starving. And Einstein Bros. is serving broccoli sharp cheddar soup today. Which is close enough. I'll have that and a veg out AND I will remember to say "no sprouts". Stupid e. coli-filled sprouts.

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