the good and the bad


Things that irritate the piss out of me:

  • websites where you have to "click to enter".  As if you might just want to stare at their useless splash screen all day.
  • My three hole punch, because the center punch keeps flipping to the off position, causing me to have to run everything through twice.  BTW, I feel like I got a good abs workout today from punching an 8" stack of paper.
  • The Microsoft network reminder that says "You're password will expire in 15 days.  Would you like to change it now?".  Because I just MIGHT say, yes Micro-fricking-soft, I only have to remember 58,974 different passwords and I can't wait to make up a new one before its even expired.  And if I really did want to do that, wouldn't I just go do it? 
  • Restaurants that aren't currently serving cream of broccoli or broccoli and cheddar soup.  I had some for lunch, but now I want more for dinner.  Is it one of the 12 soups that Zoup! has today?  No, it is not.  I will settle for some gazpacho though.  This time.
  • The pants I'm currently wearing.  I bought these yesterday in the old lady section of Mervyn's because most of my pants are too small in the waist (but maternity pants are still too big).  I happened to catch my reflection in the ladies room just now and the ass of these pants is so big that it looks like I've had an accident.
  • My hair.  Because it is continuing to look like crap.  I've been parting my bangs, so I decided to grow out the smaller side (because they look stupid) and now it looks like I have some horrid 1980's asymmetrical haircut.

OK, I think that does it for the irritation list (at least for now).  My cube is a little irritating too, because I have at least a dozen 4" binders on my desk, in addition to an assortment of the 2" and 3" sort. 

It looks like Leo might actually be able to go on his trip.  He's still in town, so there's really no telling until he's on that plane.  We shirked our social plans last night (which I am really sorry about, Katie) and just kind of hung out together.  It was really nice.  I don't get to see a lot of him (which is really weird since we share a house).

My hot plans tonight?  I am going over to Big Al's to reinstall every piece of software her computer ever thought of running.  And then I'm going to go home to pack which will probably take me a long time, even though I'll only be gone two nights, because nothing fits me and I have trouble making decisions.  And I swear to God if Mantas says I'm fat, I will deck him.  But I'm sure he won't.  Because I have about 50 lbs on him and he should know by now not to mess with me.

And, speaking of fat, I am currently working on a Big Grab of Cheetos.  Did you know that puffed corn was first developed as pig food?  The fluorescent cheese powder is meant just for us though.  The Cheetos are just not doing the trick.  I really wanted some pizza flavored Combos, but the machine closest to me was out and I was too lazy to walk to another one.  (Did I mention that I had cream of broccoli for lunch?  Because, if you take the cream part away, then broccoli part was really healthy.  That TOTALLY cancels out the Cheetos.)

So now that I've unleashed, um, all of that negativity (to quote the Spice Girls), let me focus on the good things on the horizon:

  • Tomorrow night Olivia and Wendy will pick me up from the airport.  Olivia is now making airplane noises, which I can't wait to hear.
  • I've been promised a "gay dog show" on Saturday.  I don't know if that means the dogs are gay, or the show is gay (as opposed to all those, what, non-gay dog shows?) but I'll let ya know.
  • I am being taken to an ocean-side brunch on Sunday where I will eat bacon for two and Wendy will be drinking champagne for two.
  • I've been promised a swimming pool all to myself.  I might let Wendy and Olivia join me.  We'll see.
  • I will get to spoon with Arthur, the only dog I'll ever love.


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