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Whatever happened to global warming? I seem to remember August as being a fairly warm month. Not now, because I really should start wearing a jacket outside.

And speaking of weather, somehow it never occurred to me that its hurricane season in Florida until today. Maybe that's why my air tickets were so cheap.

My evil ex-boss is currently prepping my next audit location for me. I have to admit that I will take a sick pleasure in evaluating his work. How the tables have turned, evil ex-boss!

I just met with my boss. When I entered his office, he said "I hear congratulations are in order!" I froze and then stammered "What are you talking about?" as casually as I could. He then congratulated me on completing my uber-retarded Six Sigma project. After he said that, I resumed breathing. I realized then that I had to tell him so I wouldn't freak out whenever anyone said anything like that to me. After I told him, he seemed truly happy and congratulatory. He didn't ask about my future plans and I didn't mention them but he said he'd try to keep me off the road as much as possible.

Thank goodness that's over with. I really feel like I've come out of the pregnancy closet. Oh, my boss mentioned that he thought I was pregnant but didn't want to say anything. Great. Now my coworkers are secretly musing about my expanding waistline. In fairness, I should probably mention that I am wearing a shirt big enough to fit over a mini van. But still.

The story about the lady whose skin fused to the couch is the saddest thing I've ever read. It sparks some questions though. Like who is this man she was living with? Why didn't he do something sooner? What parked the call to paramedics? If she had been on the couch for 6 years and couldn't get up to use the bathroom in that time, how could neighbors not smell that? Couldn't her male companion be charged with something like assisted suicide for continuing to feed her since she was obviously not capable of feeding herself? And, lastly, wasn't this a Johnny Depp movie? (an aside, I really thought Leonardo diCaprio was retarded for about two years after that movie).

Over lunch, I was ruminating about the greatness of marriage. Being married to Leo really is the most kick ass thing to ever happen to me. I'm a lucky girl.

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