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At the end of the month, Leo is going to go camping with some friends outside of Vail. That same weekend, I'm going to go to Florida to visit Wendy, Olivia and Mantas. (Married 8 months and we are already vacationing separately!) Anyway, check out part of the email that Wendy sent me:

I am going to come alone to the airport so Mantas can have the bed ready, food and candles lit by the pool and dock area...

Who else would be concerned about a grand entrance, especially when I am coming in at 10pm on a Friday and they have a 2 and a half year old!?! I love Wendy!

We are also going to go to brunch on Sunday, where she has promised me a pile of bacon. Back when the two of us lived in Chicago, we saved up to go to a terribly fancy Sunday brunch once. We got all dressed up, went downtown, and ended up drinking glass after glass of champagne and eating nothing but a big pile of bacon. What can I say? We are two classy broads. Bacon and champagne has been a favorite combo ever since; too bad I'll have to skip the champagne this time around. Wendy said she'd drink mine for me.

I think I'm going to put off telling my boss until tomorrow. After all, why do something today when you can put it off until tomorrow? He is out this morning at the Secretary of State with his 16 year old daughter, who is taking her driving test. I figure that is enough stress for one day for him. I really am dreading it.

The Egg McMuffin smell in this office is so thick, I'm afraid that it might effect my vision. I might just go make some microwave popcorn to cover it up.

I am very much getting into the hypnobrithing cds that I ordered. The only problem is that I end up falling asleep to them every time, so I don't really know what they are filling my mind with. I've listened to them 3 times and all I've heard are the first 10 minutes and the last 5. Leo admitted this morning that he thinks I'm crazy for buying into all this, but they really make me feel relaxed. I am more convinced then ever that I need to make my own. That way I can add things like "leafy greens are you favorite crave broccoli and cauliflower...television is your desperately want to iron you husband's clothes...". It will be like Manchurian Candidate meets Martha Stewart.

I've been walking around with my pants unbuttoned and unzipped for almost a week now. I am really regretting my preference for wacky colored underwear. Why is it that modern western clothing cannot come up with a good 9 month long solution to maternity wear? Yagna told me that I should just start wearing a sari to work, as they grow with you. It's a thought. At least people no longer have to wear suits to work. Then I'd be truly screwed. And broke.

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