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Good news: I am very close to getting my uber-retarded six sigma greenbelt. Soon this hell will end.

Bad news: My boss signed me up to take an extremely long (as in three months) and painful (as in once a week) Dale Carnegie class. $%&E^%@!

We did indeed see Laura Bush last night. I had a good time except that it was really, really hot in the gym and old people were dropping like flies. Oh and there was a really silly security measure about not bringing in a purse. I had no pockets, so I had to walk back to my car, fill up my hands with keys, id, etc. and walk back. There were no metal detectors or searches, so I'm not quite sure what not allowing purses really bought them (I mean, I could have concealed something in a pocket). Also, my id was checked, but I can't imagine what it was checked for. I mean, I don't believe my name was ever given to them, they didn't type my name into a computer or anything, so what did they learn by checking my ID? That I am a licensed driver? I seriously think that LB's security team needs to get their act together. In this day and age, it is just unacceptable that the first lady is "protected" in such a sloppy manner.

Oh, I did get to go to Dearborn Homecoming last weekend. I had a corndog (disappointing), some twisty tater chips with cheese (ok), a lemonade (excellent) and I split an elephant ear with Leo's sister (it was also disappointing). I am the model of pregnancy nutrition, no? To make up for it, I have been eating lots of salads and veggie soups since then. I also discovered that carnies no longer listen to heavy metal. Its all country now. It's just not the same.

My boss informed me today that he will be here tomorrow and Thursday. But he won't be back in the office until October 11! So we will have to have our little "Birds/ Bees/Cholderby got knocked up" conversation soon. Jiminy Christmas. And speaking of my boss, we got into it a little today because he doesn't like how we (the auditors) take the audit programs literally. That's basically like saying that you don't like how cops take the law "literally". I mean, I realize there is a limit that can be reached in literalness, but if the audit program says that something must be blue and it's green, I'm going to write that up. How the hell should I know that you simply meant a cool color? Why don't you just write what you mean and the rest of us won't need to try to read your mind?

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