This morning Leo and I heard the baby's heartbeat via doppler for the first time. I was almost as excited about the fact that Leo came with me as I was to hear the heartbeat. It didn't take long for the midwife to find it, even thought she told us it might. I also found out that I do not have either syphilis or gonorrhea. Not that I ever thought I did, but it was a standard test and it never hurts to be told that you don't have those.

For the musical accompaniment for our morning's activities, I had Don Johnson's "Heartbeat" going through my head, but Leo decided to sing Neil Diamond's "Turn on your Heart Light" (substituting Fart for Heart) instead. We will really need to come up with a full on medley before the big ultrasound.

In other terribly exciting news, I have been eating peaches that actually taste like peaches. It has been years since I have had real peach-flavored peaches. Usually the Michigan grocery store peaches taste more like manila folders. When I bought them, of course they were rock hard but I ripened them in a brown paper bag with an apple and they are so good. I do this every summer and the peaches usually just rot without ever ripening but this year it actually worked.

I also got my long awaited hypnobrithing bundle last night. I'm a little uneasy now with the $60 retail price as I think they must have spent far less on the dvd production budget. I haven't listened to the cds yet; the dvd was about all I could handle. A lot of the information was probably good and I buy into that part whole heartedly. But then there were references to "opening your third eye" and weird foreign language chanting and drawing crayon pictures of "birth fears" that go way beyond were I am willing to go. If nothing else, watching the dvd convinced me not to waste my money on a class and that I am far better off kind of creating my own non-airy-fairy curricula.

My casserole plan from yesterday was not a success. I mean, Leo said it was good, but it was so strongly flavored that I could smell it from all points in the house so it didn't work the way I wanted it to. Tonight I'm just biting the bullet and going vegetarian. It's where I end up every night anyway, so why not? There is still some leftover chicken for Leo.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out this NBC commercial for the Apprentice. You may see someone you know.

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