Farmer Crack, getting crackier all the time


Someone on a chat board I frequent pointed out that today would have been Charles and Diana's 23rd anniversary. I remember waking up early to watch the wedding in our basement (which is weird because I never watched TV in the basement). I even made a little scrapbook about it. Goodness, I'm old. And overly sentimental.

You know I rushed out to the grocery store last night to buy corn dogs. Sad, but true. As I was describing my deep longing for corn dogs yesterday, it made me think of the breakfast-on-a-stick and thinking about breakfast-on-a-stick made me want those even more than corn dogs. So it figures that Farmer Jack doesn't sell breakfast-on-a-stick.

And speaking of Farmer Jack (because this is one giant stream of hormone-induced craziness), they no longer have a deli. First, they stopped selling Mexicali Dip. And now there is no deli. I believe one of the first signs of the fall of the Roman Empire was that they lost their supermarket delis. Where there once was a deli, there is now an expanded alcohol section. Normally, I wouldn't complain about a larger booze selection, but I won't be enjoying that anytime soon so its not much of a trade off. What the hell, Farmer Jack? Are we not at the height of the Atkins craze? Do people really no longer want freshly sliced lunch meat? And what about the @&$#% rotisserie chickens? WHAT ABOUT THE CHICKENS, FARMER JACK?!?!?

The most disturbing thing about this change is that now Farmer Jack (the "regular" supermarket) is barely any different from Food Basics (the "poor people's" supermarket). Don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly frequent Food Basics shopper. But I find that most of the package sizes are a little large for just Leo and I and a lot of times I'm looking for some ingredient they just don't carry. I just find it odd that one corporation with two different grocery stores in the same market would be actively making each one more and more like the other.

So back to the corn dogs. I had TWO last night. And I'm having another today with my (otherwise healthy) lunch. Do you know how hard it is to eat a corndog at your desk without letting any of your coworkers see that you are eating a corndog? I brought mine in tupperware, and I am quickly taking a bite and then immediately shoving the rest back into the tupperware and covering it with the lid. Hey, I have a reputation to maintain.

Man oh man, that was tasty.

Check out this email that I just sent to my public library:

Hi, I'm looking for "The Leclaire Hypnobirthing Bundle for Happy Hypnomoms and Blissful Hypnobabies" by Michelle Leclaire O'Neill, Publisher: Papyrus; (January 2004) ISBN: 0963308726. I can't find it in the library catalog and would like to see if it can be obtained from another library. The "bundle" contains a book, 3 cds, and 1 dvd.

Do I have to come to the library to fill out a loan form?

"Happy Hypnomoms" and "Blissful Hypnobabies" indeed! How did I get here? Who the hell am I? What would my 17 year old self say if she saw that email?

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