the "March Project"


I had been so happy to not have had morning sickness, but I pushed myself too far last night.

I made a recipe called "Persian lamb kabobs" that are kind of a spicy, minty kofta. I'd made it before and really liked it. It's not too easy to find ground lamb, so when I found some at Kroger I thought I'd better get it. OK, sane pregnant women do not attempt to make spicy foreign ground lamb recipes. But I thought I was invincible. I will spare you the details but just know that it did not end well.

I think it was more from the smell of the koftas cooking than the end product. At Shannon's mom's birthday party last weekend, I had some baked kibbee and I was fine. Last night I had to open all the windows, turn on the attic fan and light every scented candle in the house (and it was really cold yesterday). Oh my goodness, that was really awful.

I just had a hilarious phone conversation with my mom about "the March Project". I inhabit cubeland here at work and I have not announced the pregnancy yet so I can't really talk about it on the phone. Mom dubbed it "the March Project" and I think the title is here to stay. It's very "Manhattan Project" but hopefully my baby doesn't have the capability to wipe out large sections of the earth.

The chess people were back again this lunch, but they weren't nearly as loud. Stupid chess players.

I have been craving something for a while now. Problem is, I don't even know where I would buy one of these, save at a carnival and I have so idea where to find a carnival. Here it is: I really want a corndog. I am not normally a "corndog person". It all goes back to elementary school, when the fat girl with the weird name that I don't want to post on the internet because I just called her fat and maybe she'd find it someday and feel bad, used to have one for lunch like 4 times a week. She would have one corndog plus one tupperware container of yellow mustard. There was something about the way she ate the corndog (dipping it with each bite into her giant container of mustard) that made me think that I never, ever wanted one.

So I lived a relatively happy, corndog-free lifestyle up until 1998 or so when I became a nanny. The children that I took care of were very into corndogs. One day, I broke down and tried one. And it was GOOD. I mean really, really good. The kids were also into the breakfast corndog variant, which is a breakfast sausage on a stick, dipped in pancake batter (and then you dip it in maple syrup). Again, it is amazingly good. Oh no, now I'm going to go out and buy a whole pack of corndogs and breakfasts-on-a-stick (did you like the pluralization there? like "attorneys general".) at the grocery store tonight.

And I have a feeling that Leo would find much to be mocked in my eating a whole pack of corndogs and breakfasts-on-a-stick.

So what do y'all think of the name Clare? Not Claire, though, as its French and we aren't of French decent and that spelling reminds me of cheap jewelry and earrings that cause my earlobes to swell. Clare is the Anglo/Irish variant. Perhaps she will be nicknamed "the Anglo/Irish variant". Oy I'm tired. And hungry. And in need of a corndog. And a diet rootbeer.

Oh, and speaking of the March Project, Month 2 has been completed. Today is the first day of Month 3.

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